Unboxing The Legion Of Collectors Superman Box SPOILERS


Today I received the new Legion of Collectors Funko subscription box. I had never gotten any of the previous Legion of Collectors boxes, only the Marvel and Star Wars ones in the past, so to have my first box be a Superman one was a thrill. So I filmed an unboxing for you guys and gals. Full spoilers for the content of the box in the video and article below:

For real, this box could not be better as far as I am concerned. Right from the start, the patch and the pin have such a great vintage feel to them. That's what this box is all about: nostalgia for the greatest superhero of them all.Legion of Collectors Superman Box Patch and Pin

Inside the box,  it only gets better. Right on top is a Funko Pop Superman t-shirt, in a nice powder blue color, which is as stated before, continuing a nice trend of breaking away from straight black t-shirts all the time on these boxes. Solid design as well, Superman has so many iconic poses, and throughout the contents of the box, they are all well-represented. Next to that is a cute little Superman Pop keychain, complete with spit-curl. These are not really my thing, but hey, now I won't lose my keys.

A comic was included in this box, as we get a Superman Pop cover to a reprint of Superman #1 from 1939. The only way this could have been any better would have been to make a Pop tribute to that iconic cover, but this one is cool enough as is.

The highlight of this box, and now one of my personal favorites in my action figure collection, is the Funko 3 3/4 inch First Appearance Superman figure. Based on his debut in Action Comics #1 from 1938, this is a thing of beauty. The card-back is a zoomed in picture of the cover to that book, and it comes un-punched. the back of the card has panels from other Superman covers as well. The figure itself looks to have joints on the elbows and knees, but I wouldn't know how it poses or anything of that nature. This looks so great MOC that there is no way I am ever taking it out of the package. I mean, look at his shins in that picture! As passed along to me by one Mark Seifert, those shins are only drawn like that twice: a design sketch and Action #1. That is it. They are actually Hercules sandals painted over. How cool is that that they included that detail?!?! If I come across one on the secondary market, I will open a second to have a loose version, but for now he stays in his plastic prison.

Finally, the Funko Pop. This one has a Classic Superman, and classic he is. I love that the paint aps are a bit more muted to give the Pop and older, more classic look and vibe. Spit-curl, red trunks, hands on hip pose, and a awesomely sculpted cape molded to look like it is flowing in the wind, this is Superman in all his glory.

Legion of Collectors Superman Box Classic Superman Pop

This box was a complete home run. The only thing in here that is not terribly exciting is the keychain, but even that is only because the rest of the box is so awesome. Jam-packed full of Superman greatness, this box celebrates all the classic eras of Supes very respectfully and this box maybe the best one Funko has ever done across all of their various boxes.

The next box is not hard to figure out. Wonder Woman will be the theme, since she has a movie coming out and all. You can preorder that box right here.

Legion of Collectors Wonder Woman Box Teaser


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