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LEGO VIDIYO Goes on A Road Tour with Robo HipHop Car Set
LEGO is hitting the road and expanding their LEGO VIDIYO line with some brand new sets for their newest franchise The LEGO VIDIYO line brings together music, creativity, and building with a fun new combination of real and digital instruments These musicians are hitting the road as LEGO announced their brand new Robo HipHop Car[...]
The Beat is Blasting With New LEGO VIDIYO Boombox Set
Earlier this year, LEGO unveiled their brand new building series called LEGO VIDIYO that combines music with creativity The basis of the series revolves around original rockstar mini-figures that come to life with a special app The app allows builders to bring their figures to life, create their own band, direct music videos, and so[...]
LEGO Vidiyo Creates A Fun Musical Experience For Any Builder
One of those sets was the brand new LEGO Vidiyo kit that allows builders to create their own music videos There are six sets available featuring six unique music-themed minifigures like Party Llama, Candy Mermaid, Alien DJ, and more LEGO created something fun and unique here as it puts a lot of music customization and[...]
LEGO Gives Us A Closer Look At Some of The Popular 2021 Sets
One of the biggest sets included in our special LEGO box is the new LEGO Vidiyo that combines blocks, music, and your own creativity With the app, builders can create their own band, created music videos, and become rockstars in amazing LEGO fashion This set is so extensive that we have a whole review just[...]