LEGO Vidiyo Creates A Fun Musical Experience For Any Builder

LEGO recently sent us an amazing box of goodies featuring some of their 2021 building sets. One of those sets was the brand new LEGO Vidiyo kit that allows builders to create their own music videos. There are six sets available featuring six unique music-themed minifigures like Party Llama, Candy Mermaid, Alien DJ, and more. LEGO created something fun and unique here as it puts a lot of music customization and creativity into the hands of builders. I was skeptical at first about this new product, but LEGO really changed my mind once we got our hands on one. We received the HipHop Robot Vidyio set that features a unique Daft Punk styled figure, and once he was fully assembled, you could just feel the music emanating from him.


The real magic doesn't begin until you download the LEGO Vidiyo App, which brings your minifigure to life right before your eyes. Using AR technology, fans can see their character take to the stage as they film it all. The app features a great variety of customization options from photos, outfits, band names, and a bunch more musical features. The music video portion really is the full feature of Vidiyo allowing builders to create their own unique music videos featuring iconic artists like The Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and much more. After scanning your minifigure in, you can use the included BeatBits to add unique special effects to your video. Some of these include costume changes like a panda, astronaut, or bagpipes to fun dances, tricks, and even beatboxing or guitar solos. Each Vidiyo comes with 14 unique BeatBits, and they will be fun to all see in action.

I did want to experience the full LEGO Vidiyo experience, so I personally bought one of the Vidiyo BandMates mystery packs. These little packs contain one of 12 unique LEGO minifigures that can be added to your own Vidiyo band. Once new members are added, fans can create a band album cover, add a band theme, make performances even bigger, and so much more. We pulled the Cotton Candy Cheerleader, and she came with her own 3 BeatBits. She added her own flair to our band, The Gem Profession, and it was a blast getting them to perform together. The entire LEGO Vidiyo experience was a blast, and it will be fun for both adult and kid fans alike.

Whether you want to do something new with your kid or start dabbling in music videos yourself, then this is the perfect place to start. Each of the BeatBox sets is priced at $19.99 with six different boxes offered, and they can be found here. The special Bandmates mystery packs are only $4.99, with the ability to pull 1 of 12 unique rockstars and singers. Do not miss out on one of the coolest LEGO sets of 2021, and we can not wait to see who will hit the stage next. We want to thank LEGO once again for sending us some of their new 2021 products, and we will continue to find more BandMates for our own collection.

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