LEGO Gives Us A Closer Look At Some of The Popular 2021 Sets

With new world circumstances, a lot of collectors have focused on internal collecting and activities at home. One of those activities is LEGO, and they have been creating some remarkable sets lately. Some of the biggest sets are from LEGO Ideas giving fans truly Incredibles sets from Winnie the Pooh, LEGO Knights, and so much more. Our friends over at LEGO wanted us to show off some of the hottest building sets of 2021, giving us a special box filled with a variety of amazing products that LEGO has to offer. Kicking things off first is the new Town Square set straight from the hit LEGO City TV Series. This City set is packed with 8 mini-figures, vehicles, buildings, and even special road plates to connect to other LEGO City sets. Collectors can bring their own city to life with this super fun set that adults and kids can get behind and can be found here.

The next assortment of LEGO products that we received is all over the place, starting with Minecraft. Minecraft is perfect for LEGO as the blocky gameplay and materials can easily transferable to the iconic block form. This time fans can build their very own Pig House featuring minifigure pigs, opening house, and an exploding feature for that Creeper in you. This is a very fun set that is loaded with great detail and features that adults and kids will have a blast with, and it can be found here. Maybe fans want something smaller; well, the LEGO Creator Taxi Cab is for you with a fun design and simple kit that only costs $10 here. One of the biggest sets included in our special LEGO box is the new LEGO Vidiyo that combines blocks, music, and your own creativity. With the app, builders can create their own band, created music videos, and become rockstars in amazing LEGO fashion. This set is so extensive that we have a whole review just on this set, so be on the lookout for that review soon. Fans can check out all of the available sets of Viydio located here for only $19.99.

LEGO even has other products outside of building kits that are great for a variety of collectors or fans, like the LEGO Dots bracelet kits. Customize your own jewelry with these fun bracelets that come with 32 tiles allowing for a huge assortment of possibilities. There are packs of one or two, and they come with some fun themes to pick from, and the one we got was Adventure. Two packs are coming in at $5.99, bigger solo bracelets are $4.99, and special tile kits can even be purchased for more customization, and they can all be found located here. Speaking of adventure, LEGO also sent us one of their Brick Backpacks that capture the iconic block in bag form, and while we got red, there are ten colors to choose from, including special holographic designs. Each LEGO Brick Backpack is priced at $49.99, Holographic is $80.00, and they can all be found located here.

Each of these LEGO products is loaded with fun that and any collector or family can get behind. The LEGO Vidiyo Set is truly something special so be sure to check out our full review of it soon. LEGO offers such a wide range of products that there his something out their for everyone from building your own City, creating your own much video, brining Minecraft to life, or even building a Taxi, LEGO has you covered. Fans can find all of these products and so much more here. If this box is just dedicated for the first part of 2021, then we can not wait to see what else they have up their sleeves for the rest of the year. Build On!

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