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Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows Meets A Boy And His Tiger
Over on his website Apes And Babes, Frank Cho revisited his Liberty Meadows strip for the first time in years and did so with a tip of the hat to one of his favorite strip Calvin and Hobbes The piece was done as a reward for Cho's Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method kickstarter[...]
BC Mag #5: Frank Cho Gallery
Whether it is at the helm of his fan favorite Liberty Meadows comic strip or drawing the latest sexy super heroines, his incredibly clean lines and cheesecake style have become a staple in comic shops We had an opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at some of Frank's fantastic art and[...]
Liberty Meadows – The Sunday Collections
Liberty Meadows Sunday Collection is described by Emmy Award-winning creator Frank Cho as "a 160 page hardcover of smut" is coming out from Image Comics this June, right before San Diego Comic Con Which will be terribly handy for signing opportunities. Oh and it will be book one of two. Book One collects Liberty Meadows Sunday strips[...]
The Return Of Liberty Meadows. Sometime.
Last year, Frank Cho regained the full rights to Liberty Meadows after Sony finally passed on its option. We were told that Liberty Meadows would return In some form Well, whatever it form it takes, it looks like it's coming from Image. Here's an ad from the new issue of 50 Girls by Cho, published today. Oh Frank…[...]
Monday Trending Topics: Sony's Loss, Our Gain
Because Frank Cho back in action on Liberty Meadows comics is a good thing  In other news today, I thought the return of The Flintstones to tv was gonna be a good thing when I saw the headline too, but then I read Brendon's post  I guess we'll have to wait and see on that,[...]
Frank Cho Gets Liberty Meadows Back To Do With As He Pleases
Frank Cho has announced the current status of his Liberty Meadows comic and strip and potential animated adaptation. Basically, he's got the rights back from Sony, and he's working on issue 38 of the comic, due out at the end of the year He then gives the whole twisty, turny journey of getting back to square[...]