So Who At Marvel Licensing Signed Off On These

So Who At Marvel Licensing Signed Off On These?

have you come across any other odd licensing examples?  Tony from The Action Room went shopping in Brooklyn And shared his spoils...Such as the Hawkeye Mini-Hauler Because, you know, Hawkeye often has a lot of stuff to haul.And a Silver Surfer mini-hauler, because sometimes the power cosmic of an intergalactic surfboard just doesn't deliver enough[...]

BOOM Studios Adapts Steve Jackson Games Munchkin To Monthly Comic

BOOM! Studios Adapts Steve Jackson Games' Munchkin To Monthly Comic

By Christopher Helton It started with a tweet coming out of the Origins Game Fair this past weekend: WE'RE EXCITED!! RT @philipjreed: Munchkin comic books coming from @boomstudios and @SJGames !!! — BOOM! Studios (@boomstudios) June 14, 2014 BOOM! Studios will be adapting the Munchkin card game from Steve Jackson Games into a monthly comic. The comic […]

Francine Burke Leaves DC Comics

Francine Burke Leaves DC Comics

I understand that Francine Burke, international licensing manager at DC Comics was dismissed from the company two weeks ago Francine had worked at the comics publisher for eighteen years and for several years at Marvel Comics before that.No official reason has been given, but there has been a noted tendency at DC Comics to remove[...]