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Legion Of Super-Heroes #7 Review: So Many Characters On Panel
The assembled team bursts in on a meeting of the United Planets to make some grand statements, the team holds an election and Lightning Lad's family moves from Winath, which is apparently a dump! If you're a Legion fan, every part of that previous sentence lit up some form of recognition and got your opinions[...]
The Skin Colour Changes Between Original and Reprinted Superman #14, Out Today
Firstly, the one published two weeks ago and then recalled. And the one published today. Lightning Lad's skin colour has been significantly darkened While Superman and Superboy… Their skin colour has been slightly lightened as if to provide greater contrast. This is an example of DC Comics going full reverse-ferret They have to make some chance because of the[...]
Were Superman #33 and Supergirl #14 Destroyed Over Racial Concerns?
We've seen a previous version of this moment in promotional material. With the new Lightning Lad up front Here's the design of the character from Ryan Sook. But in the now-pulped Supergirl and Superman, he may look different From Supergirl #33, on the far left… And in Superman #14 up front and central. This portrays Lightning Lad as a[...]