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A Few Thoughts On Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill
Matt had a plot in mind that the property owners already liked, so I was going to come in and expand on it and work with him to make the scripts for artist Linda Sejic. Now licensed properties can be a nightmare because you have to be careful not to conflict with established parts of the[...]
Postal #10 And Sunstone Vol 4 In Shops This Week From Top Cow
At the end of the day though, everything is about relationships. We have a preview for Postal and the cover art for Sunstone. POSTAL #10 STORY: BRYAN HILL ART: ISAAC GOODHART COVER A: LINDA SEJIC COVER B: ISAAC GOODHART With Eden on the brink of self-destruction Mark and his mother put aside their differences to stop the internal and[...]
A Look Inside The OGN From Top Cow, Blood Stain by Linda Sejic
Top Cow has a new original graphic novel due out next week, it's called Blood Stain and it's by Linda Sejic Most recently Linda worked with Matt Hawkins on Wildfire and then with Matt and I on Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill Here she not only did all 128 pages and cover, but it's[...]
Linda Sejic Puts The Pieces Into A Postal Cover
Well today he teased a cover for the upcoming arc by Linda Sejic I had the joy of working with Linda recently on Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill… but this may be one of my favorite pieces from her. Recently Matt Hawkins let it be known that the Top Cow series Postal would be[...]
Exclusive Advanced Look At Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #3
The story is written by Matt Hawkins and Dan Wickline (me) and drawn by Linda Sejic. Here in the third issue, Honor and Horace Harkness and Scotty Tremaine are aboard Eros looking for Honor's missing uncle when they are arrested for starting a fight in a casino. This is straight from[...]
Top Cow Previews: Poseidon IX and Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill
Poseidon IX by Tini Howard and Philip Sevy and Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #2 by Matt Hawkins, Dan Wickline (yes that's me) and Linda Sejic. POSEIDON IX #1 (of 1) Story: Tini Howard Art: Philip Sevy Cover A Philip Sevy Cover B STJEPAN Sejic FROM THE PAGES OF IXth GENERATION! Journey to Triton, where luxury is a cyborg's reward[...]
Tales Of Honor: Bred to Kill Tells Original Honor Harrington Story
Now Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) who did the original series is joined by co-writer Dan Wickline (Artemis IX) and artist Linda Sejic (Wildfire) to create the first ever original comic story arc Set in the Honorverse between On Basilisk Station and The Honor of the Queen, Bred to Kill takes Harrington to an orbiting version of[...]
Exclusive First Look – Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #1 From Top Cow
This time Hawkins is joined by his Wildfire partner Linda Sejic on art We have an exclusive first look at the art for issue one of the new five-part miniseries, Bred to Kill. Also below you can read the FCBD story. The Honor Harrington novels by author David Weber have a huge following[...]
Top Cow's FCBD Book – Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #0
This issue is written by Matt Hawkins (IXth Generation) and drawn by Linda Sejic (Wildfire). If you can't get to a comic shop today, Top Cow has sent us a digital copy of their book Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #0 This is the second Tales Of Honor series the publisher is doing, where[...]
Artifacts: Lost Tales #1 Filled With 3 Stories By Talent Contest Winners
The artist involved are Brian Rogers, Demetres Panayides and Alvaro Sarresec with a cover by Linda Sejic (Those are the names on the solicitation… the cover has some others). In shops on Wednesday from Top Cow is Artifacts: Lost Tales #1, a new one-shot that features three stories done[...]
A Look Inside Postal #2 From Top Cow
Art for the issue is done by Isaac Goodhart with covers by Goodhart and Linda Sejic. POSTAL #2 STORY: BRYAN HILL & MATT HAWKINS ART: ISAAC GOODHART COVER A LINDA SEJIC COVER B ISAAC GOODHART The fragile peace of a town full of criminals is shattered by the discovery of a murdered woman When Mark seeks answers about her death and[...]
A New Tales Of Honor In June From Top Cow – And A Look At The FCBD #0 Issue
Tales Of Honor, written by Top Cow publisher Matt Hawkins, came out as a comic book last year, drawn by Linda Sejic Based on the series of Honor Harrington novels written/created by David Weber, and now a game of the same name, intertwining its narrative with that, ahead of a planned movie, it's back in[...]