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Remina: Junji Ito’s Horror is a Whole Planet!
There's the Lovecraftian theme of a cosmic monster so vast and unstoppable that humans are barely an after-thought in its path of destruction The story is a masterclass in escalation The setpieces get bigger and bigger, split between the planetary catastrophe that no one can escape and Remina trying to escape both the crazed mob[...]
Unholy Grail #5 cover by Mirko Colak and Maria Santaolalla
It brings about the expected ending of the Arthurian Legend, only contextualizing it differently with the demonic Merlin and Lovecraftian Lady of the Lake This is, of course, what the entire series has been, being another in a line of old tales writer Cullen Bunn has enjoyed toying with between this, Dark Ark, and, to[...]
Bird Box Review: A Creeping, Claustrophobic Horror Novel By Josh Malerman
That book, Bird Box by Josh Malerman, was an absolutely horrific treat. We've got an apocalypse caused by a lovecraftian horror that drives you utterly insane just by seeing it, and a story of parenting and human survival and adaptation This is not a fun romp in a wasteland This is a creeping, claustrophobic horror that will[...]