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Machinima Privatized Over a Decade of Videos From YouTube
Well, it wouldn't be the Machinima way if the company didn't give everyone who ever worked there one final slap in the face for 'ol times sake Last week, the word came down that Machinima as an entity was no more The channel and its content were being discontinued and Otter Media would be changing everything over[...]
The final episode of Machinima Transformers: Titans Return series hit this morning, and the Hasbro-based animated jaunt is pulling no punches It was announced today that voice acting icons Mark Hamill and Ron Perlman have joined the cast. Machinima/Hasbro Titans Return is the second part of the Prime Wars trilogy, and we should be getting news about the third and final entry later this[...]
'Transformers: Titans Return' Announced With Images
Hasbro and Machinima are releasing the first images from the second chapter of the upcoming digital series, Transformers: Titans Return Continuing the story of Transformers: Combiner Wars, Titans Return debuts this November worldwide on go90 — except in China, where it airs on The series features 10 episodes at approximately 11 minutes per episode. Titans[...]
Transformers Prime War Will Continue With Titans Return And Power Of The Primes
The remaining segments will be called Titans Return and Power of the Primes. "The global fan base has really embraced this vision of the Transformers," said Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein, "and we are thrilled to be working closely with Hasbro developing the next two installments of the series." "Transformers has always been fueled by the brand's rich,[...]
Warner Bros Takes Over Controling Interest In Machinima
has announced an agreement to acquire full control of Machinima, the digital programming company They were already an investor in the company from the year 2000, before Youtube launched, but have been part of two additional investments in 2014 and 2015 Other investors include Google, MK Capital and Allen DeBevoise (Machinima's founder) Machinima became the[...]
Jim Bonacci's Happy Wheels To Become Animated Series
Machinima has announced that on November 15th that will be starting an all-new original animated series based on on Jim Bonacci' online video game Happy Wheels It will be produced by BMP Digital and will begin with a nine-episode series that expands on the game with 12 million players It will also feature some fan-favorites[...]
Knight Rider To Get Digital Reboot From Justin Lin And Machinima
Machinima has partnered with YOMYOMF, Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond) and NBC Universal to produce a digital reboot of the 80's television series Knight Rider YOMYOMF and Lin will produce the new digital series that is in active development for a potential 2017 launch date. The announcement was made by Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein: Knight Rider is[...]
Starscream Stars In Latest Prelude To Transformes: Combiner Wars
This is the third of four preludes from Machinima and Hasbro. [youtube][/youtube] Everyone's favorite jet fighter / robot that whines a lot… Starscream… takes center stage in the lastest episode of the Prelude to Transformers: Combiner Wars No longer a Decepticon, things are very different for Starscream This is the third of four preludes from Machinima[...]
First Look At Transformers: Combiner Wars
While at the Cannes Lions Festival, Hasbro Inc and Machinima offered up a first glimpse of Transformers: Combiner Wars, a new animated series debuting August 2nd The series will air on the social entertainment platform go90 in the US,this marks the first time the iconic franchise has launched a digital-first series. During the panel where the images were[...]
Michael Bay's 451 Media Group To Publish Hi-Tech Graphic Novels
Using Touchcode Technology from T+ink, readers can use their smart phone to unlock exclusive content housed on the Machinima Network The graphic novels will debut around New York Comic-Con in early October 451 will be offering fans a sneak peak of the content, along with additional information and promotions, beginning this summer on Machinima. The[...]
Real Fake History Looks At Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Having played the game in the arcade when it came out, I found the jokes here pretty much spot on… why was he so much smaller than his opponents? The Machinima webseries continues to put a Ken Burns style documentary spin on popular fictional battles It's narrated by Phil Morris. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Real Fake History – The Battle For Castle Black
Machinima's webseries, Real Fake History, takes a look at The Battle For Castle Black They also talk to one of the surviving giants who participated in the attack This look at the pivotal moment in Game Of Thrones is narrated by Phil Morris. [youtube][/youtube]   Machinima's webseries, Real Fake History, takes a look at The Battle For[...]
SDCC '15: Hasbro And Machinima Make Deal For Transformers Webseries
To be announced at the Hasbro panel today at SDCC, the company as made a deal with web content provider Machinima to produce a new webseries based on the Transformers universe The series will take place during the Combiner Wars and will introduce new lore and new characters along with featuring existing fan-favorite characters. "We couldn't[...]
Real Fake History Looks At Beatrix Kiddo Vs. The Crazy 88s
How did Beatrix Kiddo wipe out the Crazy 88s with such ease? What was the impact of her butt-whipping on the previously feared martial artists? Machinima's Real Fake History answered these questions and others as the esteemed documentarians examine the impact of one of the most shocking and one-sided demolitions in pop culture history through[...]
Phil Morris On Seinfeld, Smallville, Mission Impossible And New Webseries
And that is just the tip of the iceberg that is his career. Morris is the narrator for a new webseries from Machinima called Real Fake History It's a faux documentary of some of the greatest battles in pop culture history The first episode, shown below, features The Battle For Endor. I contained myself with the following[...]
Terminator Genisys – The You Tube Chronicles
Here Arnold Scwharzenegger joins forces with some of the top talent on YouTube – including Machinima, Tobuscus, IISuperwomanII, and others – in a movie-inspired, episodic narrative, Terminator Genisys: The YouTube Chronicles The webseries was shot at YouTube Space LA. A new Terminator is sent from the future to the present day to hunt down and destroy[...]
Wonder Woman Vs Giganta In 3rd Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles
Hall and the okay with killing Superman voiced by Benjamin Bratt… so are you ready for this New God version of Wonder Woman voiced by Tara Strong? Here we see her in action with Steve Trevor against a very different take on Giganta. This is the third Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles, a Machinima web[...]
Second Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles Episode Features A New Superman
Sivana and Brainiac. The webseries by Machinima is a companion to the Justice League: Gods And Monsters animated movie coming out next month It is the brainchild of Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm. [youtube][/youtube] In the second installment of Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles we get to see Superman, who is the son of[...]
Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles Trailer
Machinima and DC Comics have released a trailer for the new Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles web series that will be a companion to the animate movie coming out later this summer The trailer is introduced by series creator Bruce Timm. In an alternative history Zod is Superman's father, Batman is a vampiric Man-Bat, and[...]
Justice League: Gods And Monsters Web Series Gets Start Date
Along with it there will be a digital comic and a web series from Machinima focusing on the origins of the new versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman We now know that the web series will be kicking off on June 8th. Around that time I will be posting an interview I just did with Bruce[...]
Orlando Jones Talks High School 51 And Fan Engagement
Last week, Bleeding Cool attended the Machinima event in New York City where a whole raft of new content for the video-specific network was announced, ranging from a Robocop drama, Robocops, to Minecraft-based fan video content, and even a Ray Bradbury curated a series of horror videos It's fan engagement run wild by bringing the[...]
Minecraft Jerome ASF's The Baka Chronicles Gets Its Own Show On Machinima
From Machinima's New York presentation…. Minecraft player star Jerome ASF, with 3,600,000 YouTube subscribers and the creator of  N00b Adventure creator Jim Schwerfeger for a new live action series from Machinima, The Baka Chronicles. Baka Chronicles features Jerome ASF's character, Baka (or Bacca- possibly renamed to avoid Star Wars issues), the series follows two unlikely server admins who problem-solve the antics of[...]