"Batwoman" Asks, "Who Are You?" – and The Answer? Magpie! [PREVIEW]

But this episode introduces us to a new shiny villain, Magpie (Rachel Matthews)  But Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is by no means done with Kate or the rest of her family or her city.Here's how the CW describes it: "Batwoman" season 1, episode 4 "Who Are You?": A new villain with an eye for all things that[...]

A Bunch Of Thieving Magpies

Andrez Bergen writes,At the moment I work with an incredible artist names Frantz Kantor — and have no idea how he creates half of what he does, like this video teaser for 'Magpie'. doesn't help that I'm unable to peer over his shoulder while he works.Frantz lives in my old hometown Melbourne, while I reside[...]