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A scene from Dummy, courtesy of Quibi.
He tells heroine Claire (Maika Monroe) it's her fault he's stalking her because she put so much of her information on social media The cops are stupid and brutish in cliched ways that don't even feel authentic Characters have to be stupid in order for the plot to happen. The story ends with the heroine outsmarting[...]
Christoph Waltz stars in Most Dangerous Game, courtesy of Quibi.
The plot takes the predictable route of having a nice convenience store clerk help Clare (Maika Monroe) They end up on the run from the cops for the most predictable and contrived reasons The script continues to drop hints that her stalker (Dean Dehaan) might really be a figment of Clare's imagination and she really[...]
Maika Monroe stars in The Stranger, courtesy of Quibi.
Clare (Maika Monroe), a rideshare driver in Los Angeles, picks up a passenger named Carl E (Dean Dehaan) He turns out to be a sociopath, possibly a serial killer, who decides to stalk her across the city after she escapes him Okay, this is a workable premise It's elegantly simple and could be done fairly[...]