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When Dwayne Johnson Could Have Been… Marshal Law
Such as, Then there was the boss of a media company that's a household name who 'definitely' wanted to do a whole range of projects featuring my characters, including Marshal Law They were 'very, very serious' This time there was 'definitely no bullshit' Lots of time-consuming meetings and presentations ensued This was followed by sending me[...]
Marshal Law Five Hundred Page Hardcover Back Under Ten Quid In The UK
The Amazon Glitch has glitched again and this fifty dollar collection of Marshal Law comics by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill from DC Comics can be preordered for ten pounds on, less than shops will pay for it So whether you are a reader or a retailer, now might be a good time to[...]
Amazon Deluxe Glitch Speads… A Little
This isn't the industry-wide Amazon glitch of yesteryear. But as well as Marshal Law being glitch-priced down to 70% off on Amazon,, months from publication, it seems that 100 Bullets: The Deluxe Edition Book 4 is also getting similar treatment, down from an expected £37.99, listed on Amazon at £14.99 and then marked down to £12.74,[...]
Amazon Glitch: Five Hundred Page Marshal Law Hardcover For £9.59
Now that's what I call a glitch. It's already at a massive discount on, the superhero-hunting Marshal Law Deluxe hardcover, down from a perfectly reasonable $49.99 to just $28.27, 43% off with free shipping Many American retailers may be tempted to stock up on those terms. It's a steal but it's not a glitch. However in the[...]
Marshal Law Omnibus Confirmed From DC Comics For Next Spring
The Marshal Law Omnibus will collect all the character's solo stories The crossovers – from Savage Dragon to Hellraiser to The Mask – may appear in a future volume. It's been a long time coming But for an even further blast from the past, why not see Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill talking about it on[...]
DC To Publish Pat Mills And Kevin O'Neill's Marshal Law
In December, Bleeding Cool first ran the story that 2000AD creator Pat Mill's and League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen creator Kevin O'Neill were to sign Marshal Law for a publishing deal with DC Comics At the time, it seemed a ridiculous move, considering the absilutely vile manner in wich the book portrayed DC superhero characters when[...]
DC Comics To Publish Marshal Law?
And there's no greater evidence than this that Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill are arranging for DC Comics to publish Marshal Law. The ultimate in anti-superhero satire, Marshal Law ruthlessly sends up company trademarked superheroes as sexual deviants, mentally unsound, pathetic creatures and unworthy of the name hero It's far more brutal than The Boys has[...]