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Rob Davis And Martin Rowson, Stripped
Well actually only one of them the utterly wired political cartoonist Martin Rowson I've heard his co talker Rob Davis before and he's usually confident enough to hold his own on stage, but he was utterly blown away by the speed freak that is Rowson who could blast through subjects using vocabulary so complex you'd[...]
Chris Ware, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Joe Sacco, Posy Simmonds, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Paul Cornell And More At Edinburgh's "Stripped" Event
Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Paul Cornell and Posy Simmonds are taking are part in Stripped as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Other names include Denise Mina, Paul Gravett, Melinda Gebbie, Warren Pleece, Roger Gibson, Chris Riddell, Jon Naught,  Stephen Collins, Robin and Lorenzo Etherington, Robbie Morrison, Jim[...]