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Marvel To Start Hiring Front End Developers For New Digital Solutions
Bleeding Cool has previously reported on Marvel's upcoming plans to combine all their digital services, Marvel Unlimited subscription, Marvel AR content, digital comic sales, into one app/website and in practice reduce their reliance on third party support, such as ComiXology, who process all of Marvel's direct digital sales It's yet to be announced, but we[...]
Nick Lowe Sings As The Page Turns – The First Two Chapters And More From Marvel AR
[youtube][/youtube] Marvel are producing an actual drama set in the offices of the publisher, with the employees playing themselves It's not actually bad, my favourite moments ate a singing Nick Lowe, a pushy Tom Brevoort (literally), Kelly Sue's tarot card sharp and Jordan White's puppet skills[...]
Wyatt Cenac Narrates His Marvel Stories On Marvel AR
I don't know why but I couldn't get this page to work on Marvel AR. Or this Anyone else have any better luck? But What Now? Did have The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac and Elliot Kalan reading out aloud their stories Iron Man #17 had Kieron Gillen ruminating on Iron Men And there was nothing in[...]
The Close Harmonies Of Last Week's Marvel AR
Not all the Marvel AR works Not all the comics with Marvel AR on the front have Marvel AR videos inside And what does work… if often very silly Here are some from the last couple of weeks. [youtube][/youtube] Not all the Marvel AR works Not all the comics with Marvel AR on the front have[...]
Dan Slott Just Wants To Kill Childhoods – Marvel AR For The Week
[youtube][/youtube] Fresh from this week's Nova, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Avengers and last week's Deadpool, Marvel AR videos for those without Apple or Android smartphones or tablets. I could not find AR in Wolverine & The X-Men or in Infinity Heist, despite being advertised on the front. [...]
The Surprise Lowe Down From Uncanny X-Force #1
We recently ran a bunch of Marvel AR videos from last week.. and discovered a stray AR from Uncanny Avengers on the final unmarked page by mistake. No sooner had we told Marvel than they fixed it And here it is, Nick Lowe's Lowe Down on the history of Bishop. Our pleasure, Marvel! [youtube][/youtube] [...]