James Robinson – You Can Take The Man Out Of DC Comics, But You Can't Take DC Comics Out Of The Man

I rather enjoy the Marvel AR additions, when I can get them to work (All New X-Men #21 I'm looking at you) or when they don't forget to include them (Amazing X-Men #3, ahem…) and I especially like the asides from the creators talking about their work.

Such as the three in the compiled video below, James Robinson, Kieron Gillen and Peter David and Nathan Edmonson, from recent issues.


Recently exiting DC Comics over their decision to launch a second Earth 2 comic without him, Robinson talks about his plans for Marvel's All-New Invaders and how it will differ from other iterations of the team. Though he does make one classic error which, it seems, Marvel didn't pick up on…

"With this version, it's going to be set much more in the ongoing DC Universe…"




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