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Nick Fury Gets A Head Start In Original Sin #6

Marvel are sending a preview of Original Sin #6 out. And they promise a revelation. How are your detective skills? This July, the lingering question will be answered in ORIGINAL SIN #6 – who shot the Watcher? From the very beginning, fans have waited, wondered and speculated who was responsible for Uatu's untimely death. Now, Jason Aaron […]

Marvel Infinity – The New Event Includes Remender and McNiven On Uncanny Avengers

Joseph Schmidt reporting for Bleeding Cool: Marvel's latest event is gaining steam and many participating writers, artists and editors are here today to discuss it. The usual round of clips were shown before the panel began followed by introductions by Nick Lowe. Panelists include editor Steve Wacker, writer Rick Remender, EIC Axel Alonso, writer Sam Humphries, writer […]