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Top Cow Comics To Publish A Warframe Comic By Matt Hawkins And Ryan Cady
Top Cow Comics has announced that they are working on a five-part series based in the world of the video game Warframe. Based on source material from the cooperative online action game and in collaboration with the Warframe development team, the series is written by Top Cow President/COO and Writer Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, The Tithe, Aphrodite[...]
Golgotha – A Sci-Fi Epic From Top Cow Hits Kickstarter
The new project comes from Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill, Yuki Saeki and Bryan Valenza The book comes with a cover by comic legend Joe Jusko. The colony has secrets and sins, and both a group of the past and the citizens of the future will atone for the flaws of humanity as the truth of what lies on this world promises to[...]
Things To Do In Orange County If You Liked Extreme Studios
It was also the home for creators like Rob Liefeld, Marat Mychaels, Matt Hawkins, Dan Fraga, Todd Nauk, Andy Park, Shannon Denton, Art Thibert, Norm Rapmund, Danny Miki and Shelby Robertson… all of whom are going to get together this Thursday, March 30th, at Big Red Comics in Orange, CA. Hard to believe that all of[...]
Dude: Rob Liefeld Taking Reunions To The Extreme With Extreme Studios Reunion, Dude
Break out the Jolt cola and the most obnoxious flavor of Doritos you can get your hands on! Superstar artist and comics luminary Sir Robert Liefeld is assembling the band again for an Extreme Studios 25th anniversary celebration! According to a report on Newsarama, Liefeld will join with artists Jeff Matsuda, Dan Fraga, Andy Park, Shannon Eric Denton,[...]
No Superheroes Here! Top Cow At ECCC 2017
The Top Cow panel was quick and easy featuring Production President Matt Hawkins Hawkins gave fans a quick glance on upcoming series such as:   Out of all of them, Genius seems to be the most ambitious From the Top Cow website: "What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born to a people who are[...]
Think Tank: Animal #1 – Cutting Edge Technology Gets Scarier And Scarier
Think Tank is a Top Cow title created by Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal It focuses on Doctor David Loren, a genius who was recruited by DARPA at the age of 14 to build weapons for the government Loren to feel the guilt from his actions and refused to build any more killing machines, acting[...]
Comic Publishers Using Facebook Live For Promotion
Now this was a much more organized and planned streaming event using Twitch, but its a similar idea. And now Top Cow is getting into the act with a short live stream from Matt Hawkins The message was simple, he wanted to show off the books they have coming out next week as any good publisher[...]
Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill – 24 Trades Of Christmas
The first series they did is called Tales of Honor: On Basilisk Station which is also the title of the first novel and that's because Matt Hawkins adapted the Weber novel along with artists Jung-Geun Yoon, Sang-Li Jeung and Linda Sejic This tells the story of Honor's first command and sets up the universe as[...]
A Typo By Any Other Name… Can Be Really Funny
But Matt Hawkins just shared the below photo that shows a great typo On a handout card for Postal #1, it tells fans where they can download a free copy and lists the series creators… artist Isaac Goodhart may have found his porn name by the subtle slip of a finger… Ladies and Gentlemen meet[...]
Hulu Picks Up Top Cow's Postal For Series
It's being written by The Walking Dead executive producer Seth Hoffman. The comic series by Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill and Isaac Goodhart tells of Eden, Wyoming, a unique town filled with fugitive criminals looking for a second chance and to be someone new When the town wakes up to the first murder in 25 years, the[...]
Matt Hawkins Addresses The State Of Top Cow
Once a year Top Cow's President & COO Matt Hawkins likes to give a State of the Union type of address showing where the publisher is and where it's going And I can tell you, after chatting with Matt for an hour or so the other day, the state of the Top Cow is good. When[...]
Matt Hawkins Teases Upcoming Magdalena Statue
The below images was posted by Top Cow's President/COO Matt Hawkins on social media.   That's pretty damn cool looking Wonder if I can convince them to do a Tom Judge statue to go with the series I'm writing next years… XM Studios and Kan Supabanpot recently made a Darkness statue for Top Cow. You can see more[...]
Everything You Need To Know About Eden's Fall
It pulls together a handful of books created or co-created by their COO and writer Matt Hawkins The Edenverse consists of the characters from Think Tank, Postal and The Tithe all coming together in the small town of Eden. Over the last few weeks I've done a few different stories about Eden's Fall There is the[...]