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MAFEX Miles Morales Collage
He's hitting the big screen next month in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, he has a new comic series starting up, and now Medicom Toy is introducing his very own MAFEX figure The Miles Morales MAFEX stands at around 6 inches tall, and features many points of articulation so you can display him in all of[...]
Pennywise is getting a MAFEX figure release from Medicom Toy The figure will stand around 6 inches, and features many points of articulation He also comes with interchangeable parts, including four pairs of hands, three different heads all with different face portraits, the S.S Georgie, and his iconic red balloon This of course is based[...]
MAFEX Venom Figure 1
Venom is getting a classic look MAFEX figure from Medicom Toy in summer 2019 The highly articulated meanie has a Todd McFarlane vibe to him, and that is a good thing He will come with three sets of hands, swappable magnetic feet, three web strands, and three different heads, including a Eddie Brock head They[...]