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Michael Uslan Wraps Up His Writer's Commentary On Justice, Inc.
The final part of Michael Uslan's writer commentary for the collected Justice, Inc series starring The Avenger, The Shadow and Doc Savage. Book 4: Looking at this graphic novel as a three act structure like a screenplay, Book 4 becomes the second half of act two Giovanni and I knew that this was going to be[...]
Writer's Commentary – Justice, Inc. Book Two And Three
Continuing Michael Uslan's writer commentary on the collected series Justice, Inc that stars The Avenger, The Shadow and Doc Savage for Dynamite Entertainment. Book 2: Not only did I get to use Howard Hughes from my previous Dynamite graphic novel, but now I also get to use again good old J Edgar Hoover What fun! Growing up[...]
Writer's Commentary – Justice, Inc. Book One By Michael Uslan
Writer Michael Uslan gives us a very in-depth commentary on the collected series Justice, Inc that he wrote for Dynamite Entertainment Cover art by Alex Ross, interiors by Giovanni Timpano. First, the backstory: I was thrilled and honored when Nick Barucci of Dynamite Comics approached me to gauge my interest in writing an historic first team up[...]
Michael Uslan Talks Teaming Up The Shadow, The Avenger And Doc Savage
Michael Uslan, writer of the acclaimed Justice Inc miniseries, answers questions about the material now re-presented in trade paperback form and on sale from Dynamite Entertainment on Wednesday, June 3rd. BYRON BREWER: Michael, first off, many and sincere congratulations! I understand – and I am sure your many fans would love to know – that your[...]
Dynamite To Roll Out The Shadow #100 This June
The Shadow #100 features stories written by Matt Wagner, Francesco Francavilla, Howard Chaykin, Chris Roberson, Victor Gischler and Michael Uslan Kind of the who's who of Shadow writers for Dynamite On top of that you have art by Wagner, Francavilla, Chaykin and Giovanni Timpano and it clocks in at 48 pages… plus there are covers[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Justice, Inc #5 by Uslan And Timpano
The series is written by Michael Uslan and drawn by Giovanni Timpano and stars the classic pulp characters The Shadow, The Avenger and Doc Savage To get you ready for the final issue, Dynamite has sent over the previous issue for you to read for free. For more information on Justice, Inc #6, click here. [...]
The Contract That Gutted Alan Moore's Swamp Thing
Constantine was a character that appeared in Swamp Thing, so, therefore, the filmmakers had got the right to make a movie of it, and use any of the materials they wanted." Well Daniel Best has managed to find the contract signed between DC Comics and Michael Uslan for his company Swampfilms,  set up for the express[...]
Talking Pulps With Michael Uslan – Justice Inc #3
Nancy Collins, writer of the Vampirella: Prelude to Shadows one shot, talks with writer Michael Uslan about Justice INC #3, both on sale Oct 22 Nancy Collins: Were you familiar with the adventures of Doc Savage, The Shadow and The Avenger before taking on the writing chores for Justice Inc? Michael Uslan: Ooooh, yeah! I started reading[...]
Nancy Collins Talks Vampirella: Prelude To Shadows Plus Exclusive Extended Preview
Michael Uslan, writer of Justice INC #3, talks with Nancy Collins about her Vampirella: Prelude to Shadows one shot, both on sale Oct 22 MICHAEL USLAN: Where does Vampirella fit into the world of today's women … or does she? NANCY COLLINS: Despite her costume, Vampirella actually has a lot in common with today's women She is[...]
50 Years Of Fandom: How Comic Took Over The World! Panel
Here at New York Comic Con 2014, Michael Uslan, David Uslan, Lee Kohse,and Rob Salkowitz shed some light and recounted their first comic convention experiences. Back when Michael Uslan was 13 their world looked down on people who read comic books. The comic and super hero fans led a life of isolation There was no such thing[...]