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Scavengers Has Officially Launched Into Early Access
Midwinter Entertainment officially released Scavengers into Steam's Early Access this week giving players their first big crack at the game Developed by Improbable Worlds Limited, the game has been around since 2018 when it first debuted and it's been a slow build for it to get released (which included having a studio acquisition in the[...]
Auto Draft
Midwinter Entertainment revealed a new gameplay trailer today for Scavengers, along with details on a new playtest coming The new trailer shows off the game as best they can as you get to see the hybrid of sandbox-style PVE and class-based PVP into one title You'll be forming a squad of three and compete against[...]
"Scavengers" Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer at E3 2019
Today on YouTube Live at E3 2019, the CEO of Midwinter Entertainment, Josh Holmes, revealed the first gameplay trailer for Scavengers The game is a class-based multiplayer shooter where you are a member of a small team of explorers working against other teams doing the same thing The goal of the game is to survive[...]
Scavengers: Announcement Trailer - Game Awards 2018
Midwinter Entertainment announced a new co-op game last night at The Game Awards called Scavengers Midwinter Entertainment have previous credits making the Warzone mode in Halo 5: Guardians, so the competitive co-op experience in Scavengers should feel a bit familiar. The trailer was run during the award show with little information, but you can find out more about the[...]