The Kill Screen Levels Up to a Stunning Hardcover Edition

By Joe Glass


Several Bleeding Cool writers and myself have written about The Kill Screen before. I've reviewed issues, bemoaned Mike Garley and Joshua Sherwell for coming to this incredible idea before I could, and generally sung it's praises a lot.

In fact, whenever I'm exhibiting at a comic con they are, I regularly suggest my customers go check out their book too.


A comic series set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Kill Screen is the story of a small group of survivors after a catastrophic event unlike most others we've ever seen before: computer errors and viruses and memes manifest in the real world, affecting humans and the world around us. The comic is a wonderful series because not just the high concept idea brilliantly executed, but also there's plenty of humor injected into the at times dark and emotional proceedings, and there are tons of little nods to internet memes, video games and more that will bring a smile to readers faces.

Now, Garley and Sherwell have launched a Kickstarter for a massive hardcover collection of the series thus far, bringing along Mike Stock and a host of other amazing artists along for the ride too.


Bleeding Cool has been lucky to get a sneak preview of this huge new edition, and let me tell you, it's looking great.

The 230+ page book will contain all four issues of The Kill Screen, plus shorts which have previously appeared elsewhere, brand new material, and the original test story that kicked off the whole idea. Plus, there's back-up material, making of sections and more. Honestly, it feels like readers will be getting absolutely every aspect of The Kill Screen in their hands to explore any time they want!


The Kickstarter already hit 100% funding within its first week, so this book WILL happen. In fact, as the surge of funders continues, they've already met three of their stretch goals, with over 20 days left on their KS campaign at time of writing….if this keeps up, they'll need to come up with more stretch goals!

If you have not read The Kill Screen, I recommend getting on this KS now. Not only will you have everything of this fantastic comic series all in one place, but the edition looks beautiful, and it's a great price for a huge amount of comics. If you have read TKS before and you're wondering if you should help with this, I'd say yes. I have each single issue, but I had to fund for this too, as I want all those extra minis and comic strips and the back up material too, which makes for fascinating reading.

The Kill Screen is coming…and it's totally worth it.

You can support The Kill Screen and their Kickstarter campaign here.

Joe Glass is a Bleeding Cool contributor and comics creator. He is the creator and writer of The Pride, about a team of LGBTQ+ superheroes fighting for diversity and representation. It is available here and on Comixology. He is also a co-writer on Stiffs, a horror comedy set in South Wales about a monkey and his friends who hunt the undead, which is available here and on Comixology

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About Joe Glass

Joe Glass has been contributing to Bleeding Cool for about four years. He's been a roaming reporter at shows like SDCC and NYCC, and also has a keen LGBTQ focus, with his occasional LGBTQ focus articles, Tales from the Four Color Closet. He is also now Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent thanks to his obsession with Marvel's merry mutants. Joe is also a comics creator, writer of LGBTQ superhero team series, The Pride, the first issue of which was one of the Top 25 ComiXology Submit Titles of 2014. He is also a co-writer on Stiffs, a horror comedy series set in South Wales about call centre workers who hunt the undead by night. One happens to be a monkey. Just because.
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