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SDCC '15: Magnetic Press Studio Discusses Current And Upcoming Releases
By Michele Brittany, West Coast Correspondent Magnetic Press Publisher Mike Kennedy opened up the panel announcing to the audience that the independent publisher has just celebrated their one-year anniversary and it has been a successful one Kennedy related that in their first year they have published twelve books, forty-four digital releases and two Eisner Award nominations[...]
Illustrator Bengal's World Of Cassyno Kickstarter Will Appeal To Pretty Much Everyone
Mike Kennedy writes for Bleeding Cool: Bengal, the French comic book artist and co-founder of CFSL.net, is running a Kickstarter campaign right now.  Not for yet another art book, nor a new series or graphic novel, nor an animated short film.  He's creating something different, a wholly unique experiment that could very well appeal to nearly[...]
Former Archaia Publisher And Boom! VP Join Together For Magnetic Press
Industry veterans Mike Kennedy (former publisher of Archaia Entertainement) and Wes Harris (former VP of Publishig for Boom! Studios) have announced the forming of a new company: Magnetic Press. The new publisher will focus on graphic novels from creators around the world Already among their upcoming catalogue of books will be: Dave Dorman's WASTED LANDS, JD Morvan and[...]