A.P. Bio Season 1 Episode 12 Walleye Review: I Am Jacks Deadbeat Dad

A.P. Bio Season 1, Episode 12 'Walleye' Review: I Am Jack's Deadbeat Dad

In this week's penultimate episode 'Walleye,', Jack's (Howerton) "master plan" against Miles (Tom Bennett) gets really personal for Devin (Jacob McCarthy); while Durbin (Oswalt), Mary (Mary Sohn), Stef (Lyric Lewis) and Michelle (Jean Villepique) are charged with coming up with a theme for the Sadie Hawkins dance - so what could go wrong?[caption id="attachment_838137" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit:[...]

A.P. Bio Episode 3 Burning Miles Review: I Am Jacks Bake Sale

A.P. Bio Episode 3 'Burning Miles' Review: I Am Jack's Bake Sale

We're taking a look at tonight's third episode, 'Burning Miles' — but first?PLEASE NOTE: Bleeding Cool believes it's important for fans to be able to watch a series in the order in which it was intended - apparently, NBC doesn't quite feel the same way You're watching my takeaways from Episode 3 before I post[...]

Spider-Man #234 Review: Continuity (Legacy) Done Right

Spider-Man #234 Review: Continuity (Legacy!) Done Right

So the creative team's handling on this book is key due to the standing that — especially since we're talking Legacy here — Ultimate Spider-Man has always held.Despite what the cover, bookends (first of which is below), and spoilers might state, this actually a progression issue for Miles, Ganke, Fabio, and Barbara Here, Brian Michael Bendis[...]

Batkid Saves Gotham

Batkid Saves Gotham!

Five-year old Miles has been battling lymphoblastic leukemia since he was just 20 months old Miles has a dream to be Batman and the folks at the Make-A-Wish Foundation and nearly twelve-thousand volunteers turned San Francisco into Gotham City for the day and Miles into it's Dark Knight protector.The response outside of the city has[...]