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Angela takes that next step on Watchmen, courtesy of HBO.
The one ground rule I set for myself was taking a season that looks back at the Minutemen as well as one that focuses on the "next-gen" of masked vigilantes off the table, both for the same reason: they're too obvious I absolutely want to learn more about Will Reeves aka Hooded Justice (Jovan Adepo),[...]
Twelve Thoughts About Twelve Comics – Bedlam, Nightwing, Minutemen, Hellblazer, Deadpool Killustrated, Gambit, Young Avengers, Saucer Country, The Answer, Green Lantern, Batwoman and Uncanny Avengers
In the week HMV go bust in the UK, Minutemen opens with an HMV vinyl of The Rise Of The Valkyries and continues it through… See, this is what happened when we all heard Hellblazer was cancelled For Chas, read a couple of old drinking buddies Not happy campers, though this issue has a particularly old[...]
Twenty-One Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics – Detective Comics, Avengers, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Action Comics, Kevin Keller, Wake The F*ck Up, Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Hellboy, Daredevil End Of Days, Avenging Spider-Man, Ultimates, Thunderbolts, All New X-Men, Fashion Beast, I Love Trouble, Great Pacific, Minutemen And Creator Owned Heroes
Time to enter the Heart Of Darkness, folks… Minutemen takes the characters through their biggest test and their greatest threat And, well, um… yeah people might not exactly like the way the Hooded JUstice is portrayed here More on that later. But it's not the only Darwyn Cooke book out today, as he contributed a rather brilliant[...]
Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Locke & Key, FF, Minutemen, Crossed, Gambit, Ferals, Mudman, Phantom Lady And Doll Man, Wolverine & The X-Men, The New Deadwardians, Ultimate X-Men, AVX Versus, JIM, Morning Glories
But fir all that, it's a very entertaining comic and a clear nod to the EC horror tales of old, from the lettering on… Watchmen: Minutemen also plays with the lettering to give a direct contrast between the contrast of comic book reality of the period to the actual reality It's a beautiful use of the[...]
Rewritten Before Watchmen
And so it begins. From Fruitless Pursuits, Before Watchmen: Minutemen rewritten… And so it begins. From Fruitless Pursuits, Before Watchmen: Minutemen rewritten… And so it begins. From Fruitless Pursuits, Before Watchmen: Minutemen rewritten… And so it begins. From Fruitless Pursuits, Before Watchmen: Minutemen rewritten… And so it begins. From Fruitless Pursuits, Before Watchmen: Minutemen rewritten… [...]
Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – Before Watchmen
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvxqKVXGzNI[/youtube] Before Watchmen has begun! DC Comics kicks off Before Watchmen with Minutemen #1 from Darwyn Cooke! Find out what host Grace Randolph thinks about these prequels to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' iconic story of Rorschach, Dr Manhattan, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre and more! Is Before Watchmen worth buying? Also in Opinion Nation this week,[...]
Ten Thoughts About Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1
It would seem horrible to compare Watchmen #1 with Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 But it's unavoidable I can't read this one issue without those twelve issues ringing in my ears So let's get it all out there. 1 From Watchmen To Mad Men Watchmen ran without advertising, each issue becoming an artifact of its own, every aspect of it[...]
No, This Is Not A Continuity Flub In Before Watchmen: Minutemen
But that was just a marketing bit of bumf. But the first issue of Before Watchmen: Minutemen goes out of its way to line itself up to the future Hollis Mason moving into the aprtment he will one day die in, including time spent with the statue that will one day become his murder weapon[...]
The First Five Pages Of Before Watchmen By Darwyn Cooke
  Here are the first five pages of Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 by Darwyn Cooke, published tomorrow Let's have a look Note that the front cover does not work as the first panel to the story, as it did with the original However there is a feeling of gratitude, the key to the city, ticker tape…[...]
The Before Watchmen Reviews Are In. From Some People.
That being said, you'll be missing out on some truly solid material." So, what do people think of this sold material? Here are some snippets. Minutemen #1 IGN: The prize winner – as I expected – was Cooke's Minutemen, which brings his patented Golden Age influenced cartooning style to the era of the Watchmen Universe's earliest heroes like[...]
Before Watchmen – Jim Lee And Michael Golden's Minutemen
Here is their black and white work for the cover of Minutemen #1. And here is Michael Golden's 1:25 cover for the same issue. And below, previously released pencils for the 1:200 variant cover of Nite Owl #1. Jim Lee and Scott Williams are drawing a 1:200 variant cover for all the first issues of Before Watchmen[...]
Wednesday Runaround – Before Watchmen #3… Something Nasty Has Happened To Silhouette
WatchWatch: Kotaku runs the cover to Minutemen #3 Showing something unfortunate happening with one Silhouette… DieselSweetieWatch: The Economist gets baffled by Kickstarter. As more money flooded in during the project, he set intermediate goals For instance, he wound up committing to eat two pounds of bacon, despite being a vegetarian (two donations of $666 each), and to produce[...]