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Simon And Alisha Won't Return In Misfits Series Four
There are Spoilers for  Misfits to follow It has just started on Hulu.com in the USA, so many Americans are still to catch up. To that end, I'm going to write a paragraph to keep this off the front page of Bleeding Cool and the bit that gets quoted when they post this to Facebook[...]
Five Thoughts About Misfits 3.8 – The Snake Eats Its Own Tail
Tonight saw the final episode of this year's Misfits air on E4 in the UK It still has to be scheduled in the US I hope the success of the first two series on Hulu, and it's planned remake won't somehow conspire to prevent you lot from seeing this third series. Because it tried to do[...]
Seven Thoughts About Misfits #3.6 And Misfits: Erazer
Where has the time gone? Well at least we get a whole Misfits episode and a little extra on the side. Those Orange Suits Are There For A Reason "They always send a new probation worker after we've killed one" Without a job, without the mundanity of probation work, more things are possible With the dangers they[...]
E4 To Run Misfits Mini-Episode Online Tonight At 11pm – #Erazer
After tonight's zombie-heavy episode of Misfits on E4, the website will run a new Misfits mini-episode entitled Erazer Through the week, the E4 social networking team have had characters from the show posting photos of the word Erazer used as grafitti tags on the South London estate on which the show is set. What it all[...]
Let's Headbutt Hitler – Several Thoughts About Misfits 3.4
We've just had another new episode of Misfits in the UK And naturally there are spoilers if you haven't seen it So, you know, do the usual. Don't Let A Mobile Phone Spoil Your Reality It's the obvious alternate reality show that occurs to everyone creating an alternate reality show What if Hitler won the war? At[...]
Seven Thoughts About Misfits 3.3 – The Comic Book Superheroes
Another week, another episode of Misfits Last week's episode was a relative superfiction headfuck that this one seems deceptively simple on the surface with a great final reveal Enjoy, however you get yourself a copy. 1 Simon Says… It's a Simon episode! The man who is destined to go back in time and die saving his girlfriend[...]
Five Thoughts About Misfits 3.2
The second episode of the third series of Misfits And still they won't give episodes individual chapter names Let's steal one from another show, The Year Of The Sex Olympics. 1 A Week Is A Long Time In Sexual Politics We caught a glimpse last week but now it's gender bending all over the place with Curtis[...]
Vampire Academy: Frostbite Preview
It's a way off completion. But at the MCM London Expo, the second volume of the Vampire Academy graphic novel, based on Richelle Mead's books, adapted by
How Misfits Has Really Changed For The Third Series
A month ago I saw the first episode of the third series of Misfits and it was aces But it also got me thinking about what the new series means… psychologically And yes, there are spoilers. We were asked not to spoil the new powers until the show has aired Well, now it's aired in[...]
Five Misfits "Power Up" London Tube Ads
Misfits comes back to E4 this Sunday I've seen the first episode and it's aces And there's plenty of publicity around the place, cinema ads, bus sides and these funny moving London tube ads… but which powers will the returning ASBO kids have this year after that visit to the power broker? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTXj721Kgsk[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li0zg-_GREw[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsQMyXj7JUM[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0De799C6dvA[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxrggeOahkE[/youtube] [...]
Misfits To Be Remade In The USA By Gossip Girl's Joss Schwartz
Bleeding Cool ran the very first details about a then-upcoming  TV series called Misfits . We ran the very first review of the show, labelling it X-Men Meets Trainspotting. And I labelled the programme the most successful portrayal of the super powered on the screen, big or small. The show is about to start its third series in[...]
Misfits Nathan Won't Leave Las Vegas
So, as we reported yesterday, Robert Sheehan is now a superstar, so Nathan is leaving superpowered comedy drama Misfits before the third series starts, to be replaced with a new character, Ruby, still to be cast. We'll get a goodbye to Nathan from Misfits writer Howard Overman in an online-exclusive short film for broadcasters E4. And, naturally,[...]
Misfits Gets A Third Series, No One Is Surprised
In every interview, when asked if there's a third series, the producers of superhero dark comedy drama Misfits at Clerkenwell Productions have said that officially they can't say whether there is one or not But giving a nudge nudge, wink wink, that there clearly is But with the season finale last Thursday and the Christmas[...]
Misfits Series Two, Three Episodes In, Where Are We?
No messing about, three episodes into Misfits Series Two and we know the identity of Super Hoodie But who thought they'd really steal a play from Heroes to do it? Showrunner Howard Overman has been quite specific, we wouldn't learn about what caused the storm that gave the Misfits, and much of the population of the[...]
The Anglophile DVD Recommendation List For The Holidays
What with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, consider this a handy dandy way to be cooler than your friends and get in on something early. Anyone who reads Bleeding Cool needs Misfits Season One here and Season Two on the way The best portrayal of the superpower on screen to date X-Men meets Trainspotting Absolutely essential[...]
The Great Misfits Conspiracy Of 2010
He knows exactly the right time and place to be to help out the various Misfits and has the physical chops to be there back on time So who is he? Well, the first episode has Nathan confess to the group that it's him Before laughing and giving us an "obviously not!" Which would be rather poignant[...]
Friday Runaround – Garfield Vs War Veterans
MisfitsWatch: Series two gets a massively positive critical reception The Guardian talks about the cast Lauren Socha's Kelly is a perfect portrait of a genuinely unhappy teenager, an endlessly, magnificently pulsing mass of insecurities and hostility Iwan Rheon as Simon breaks your heart even as he's pulling murdered probation officers out of the freezer The Metro puts[...]
Misfits Day Extra: Jock's Press Ad
This is Batman/Losers' Jock's press ad for Misfits that is running in all the main British print media I saw it at the weekend, and suddenly it ends up in my inbox That's a psychic delivery service right there! Obviously spoilers for those who didn't see the first series but c'mon people you've all had[...]
Misfits Day Extra: The Facebook Mashup Thingy
Login to Facebook, then go to Mess With The Misfits, a Facebook app thing that gives you a brief exclusive Misfits video, with some rather familiar personal elements… and a special endorsement from Alisha The first episode airs on Thursday at 10pm, E4. Okay, I did like this Login to Facebook,[...]
Misfits Day: The Wall
At the beginning of the first episode of the second series of Misfits, we see the masked stranger standing in a room filled with photographs and digital clocks Before setting off on a parkour mission to deliver a very important message by paper aeroplane How is he do precise? How does he know where to[...]
Misfits Day: The Bus Ads (Updated)
The Misfits advertising has also just hit the buses of Britain Here are a look at the original ad files, as well as decent snaps of them in situ Anyone care to make their own? Misfits series two starts on Thursday 11th November at 10pm on E4 in the UK And in the US whenever the[...]
Misfits Day: Jock's Art From The Trailer
In the teaser trailer than ran for Misfits a Series Two couple of weeks ago, a familiar art style stood out,  that of Batman artist and Losers co-creator Jock. And then today the art appeared as if my magic in my inbox Here, for the first time, exclusively, is Jock's promotional art for the teaser trailer. And[...]
Misfits Day: The Bootleg Preview And Birthday Video
And the cast chose not to let her forget… with Lauren Socah bringing on the full Kelly vocals… Misfits series two starts on Thursday 11th November at 10pm on E4 in the UK And in the US whenever the illegal torrent is available For exclusive content visit www.e4.com/misfits You can quite legitimately buy the[...]
Misfits Day: Yes, There's A Third Series
We learned a few interesting things in the Misfits Q&A last night Attended by Lauren Socha (Kelly), Robert Sheehan (Nathan), Jonathan Ross, Howard Overman (writer/producer) and Tom Green (director) Anyway, we learned a few things; That Lauren Socah's brother was up for the part of Nathan – and if he'd have got it there would have[...]
Misfits Day: Review Of Series Two Episode One
For Bleeding Cool, it's Misfits Day. Yesterday I attended the premiere of the first episode of Misfits Series Two, followed by a Q&A with Jonathan Ross and the cast and crew of the show, followed by free drinks and nibbles with the collective blaggers and bloggers of old London Town. This time last year I went to[...]
Misfits Series 2 And Psychoville Hallowe'en Special Trailers Hit
Misfits is, to date, the best expression of the superpowered individual on the screen in a dramatic form, whether TV or film And the second series/season hits in November If you haven't seen the first series, stiop fannying about, here is the DVD link. And then there's Psychoville, returning after a massacre of the cast[...]
Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh #27:  When Brits Do It
Davies' revival of DOCTOR WHO in 2005 that made it acceptable for the British industry to produce Science Fiction and Fantasy TV again.  The newer producers now active had grown up on Hollywood Science Fiction shows and movies, and were thus less snobbish about the genre than their stuffy predecessors.  However, the also-ran mentality is[...]