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Two New Sci-Fi Shows From The Channel That Brought You Misfits
I loved Misfits Loved it From the first time I saw it in the basement in Channel 4 screening room to it's bitter superpowered flying ending. Well, E4, the smaller, down the dial sister channel to Channel 4, seems to be also missing the vibe and has commissioned to new sci-fi First, Tripped, a parallel worlds drama[...]
So Is Misfits Now A Part Of The Marvel Studios Universe? (SHIELD SPOILERS)
That storm got whooshed across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom. Where, over in South London, on a totally different TV show, the storm saw massive hailstones cause major disruption… And a whole bunch of superpowers. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODl-kAhVsXY[/youtube] That's right folks, I'm totally positing that with this most recent episode, Misfits is now part of the Marvel Studios Universe[...]
Misfits Gives Us A "Five Years Later" For Its Final Episode
Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatallo or Raphael would never have done any of those things, they lived by a code." "Okay, bad example." Airing next week on E4 (and currently playing in advance on the 4OD online service), the final episode of Misfits, the finest portrayal of the super power on the screen Better than Iron Man, better than[...]
A List Of Recent-ish British TV On DVD And Stuff For Bleeding Cool's Boss
Very reminiscent of Ideal, with less of the darkness and mroe of the awkwardness. Except for series four, airing now, a wedding, but not theirs, instead the most despicable sitcom characters alive. Available on DVD Region 2 here and here. Misfits I've gone on about this at length Hell, I was the first to even mention that it existed[...]
I Took My Mom To The New York Comic Con
But only one of the "good ones." She managed to get a photo of The Misfits's Jerry Only and thought that he was just dressed up as some character. She thought the Nick Fury wax figure was a guy dressed like Samuel L Jackson from that movie I keep watching on loop. When I told her it was[...]
The End Of Misfits Begins Next Month
Misfits series five is on its way, at the end of October And thankfully, the cast haven't been ransacked by The Hobbit, Game Of Thrones and the like Eight hour long episodes… but they are the last ones I was the first person to write about Misfits, the first to review it, and I still[...]
Howard Overman Has Written His Misfits Feature Film Screenplay
As Misfits series four continues on E4 it keeps swinging its scythe through the cast as all the actors get jobs in big movies (or end up doing community service themselves). But it's possible some of them may be returning On Alex Fitch's Panel Borders podcast radio show, Howard Overman told him; Whether or not you've completely seen[...]
Yeah, How About That Misfits Series Four Episode Four Ending, Eh? SPOILERS!
But this is Misfits and we never get to have that, do we? There was a possibility, a way of maintaining Curtis' zombieness through an infinite supply of hamsters, but that would never really work now would it? So yes, Curtis dies, played by Nathan Stewart-Jarett, the last of the original Misfits cast, all now a) dead[...]
The Massive Spoiler At The Heart Of Misfits Season 4
There are spoilers here for the first episode of Misfits Series 4 If you have not seen the episode in question, stop now You will regret it otherwise Seriously If you're in the UK, go here now. The new episode of the new series/season of Misfits aired in the UK last night It should be available[...]
Live From The Misfits Panel At MCM London
MCM London Expo has opened with a panel with the cast and crew of Misfits… Howard Overman, Joseph Gilgun and the new cast Karla Crome, Nathan McMullen and Matt Stokoe We got a trailer featuring bicycle-mounted ninjas, giant rabbits, killer nuns, chainsaws, dancing Rudy, and a priest telling the cast "you know what happens when you[...]
Howard Overman And His Misfit Cast To Open London MCM Expo
Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool This Friday is the start of the London MCM Expo and I'm sure quite a few of you will be heading down there. The show have now announced that Howard Overman, creator of Misfits, will be taking part in a panel on Friday, along with cast members Joseph Gilgun, Nathan McMullen and[...]
Robert Sheehan And Sarah Alexander To Star In New Moffat-Related Sitcom, Me And Mrs Jones
Hartswood Films, run by Steven Moffat's mother-in-law Beryl Vertue and wife Sue Vertue, and producer of Moffat's Sherlock Holmes, Coupling and Jekyll, has a new comedy show for BBC1, Me And Mrs Jones. It stars Sarah Alexander (Susan in Coupling), Neil Morrissey from Men Behaving Badly (another Hartswood production) as well as Nathaniel Parker of Merlin[...]