How Misfits Has Really Changed For The Third Series

How Misfits Has Really Changed For The Third Series A month ago I saw the first episode of the third series of Misfits and it was aces. But it also got me thinking about what the new series means… psychologically. And yes, there are spoilers.

We were asked not to spoil the new powers until the show has aired. Well, now it's aired in the UK at least. American Hulu watchers, get back to me later.

In previous series, it was very clear that the powers that the ASBO Five and the assorted South Londoners around them gained were based on subconscious desire or belief about themselves. Simon felt hidden, Nathan was indestructible, Curtis wanted to change his past, Kelly was worried about what people thought of her and Alyssa was a cock monster.

And we also had a probation officer who was angry with his job, woman who wanted to relive her youth, a woman who felt she was frigid, a man who liked his dog a lot, a gorilla who felt he was human, and a kid who liked milk. It was all those theories about why the Fantastic Four got the powers they had, spread wide, across an estate.

But now, thanks to the Power Broker, the powers have moved from subconscious desires to conscious thought as people can now pick and choose. Alisha has chosen to see the world from other people's perspectives, Simon can see into the future to protect his friends, Nathan wants to be a show off magician, Kelly thought being a rocket scientist would make her really intelligent and Curtis… okay, he got the only one left on the shelf, gender swap. His time reversal power has gone, taken by a Nazi hunter vowing to kill Hitler. That hasn't happened. Yet. Give it a couple of episodes…

Only Rudi noew retains a power that reflects his inner self, in this case, being split into two warring sides of his personality. And it looks like the Power Broker will be making many more appearances this season, messing with everyone's powers like they are selecting from a chocolate box.

Previously in Misfits, powers reflected who you were. Now they'll reflect what you want. Or what you think you want. Consequences and all.

And Kelly is Chekov's gun, incarnate. By the end of the series, she had better have built a rocket.

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