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Complete Set Review: Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon – Team Up
When looking at the entire era with time apart and context, it isn't quite as strong as some of the sets that ran with the pattern that Team Up started, but it remains a powerful collection of cards. Mitsuhiro Arita The coolest part of Sun & Moon – Team Up is that iconic Base Set Charizard artist Mitsuhiro Arita illustrates the[...]
Pokémon Trading Card Game Artist Spotlight: Modern Mitushiro Arita
For the last two weeks, we spotlighted Mitsuhiro Arita, artist of the iconic Base Set Charizard First, we focused on his vintage cards followed by his classic cards from the middle years of the Pokémon TCG Today, we will spotlight the modern cards of Mitsuhiro Arita. Mitushiro Arita cards Credit: Pokémon TCG Mitsuhiro Arita has thrived in the[...]
Pokémon Trading Card Game Artist Spotlight: Classic Mitsuhiro Arita
Last week, we spotlighted the vintage cards of Mitsuhiro Arita Arita's 25-year contribution to the Pokémon TCG is too substantial to fit into one piece, though Today, we will examine Arita's classic contributions after the Base Set era. Mitsuhiro Arita cards Credit: Pokémon TCG As artwork and technology progressed, we saw the Pokémon TCG begin to use more[...]