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SDCC 2019: 60+ Pics From the Mondo Booth-Tiki's, Figures, and More
All of these look incredible, and that Hordak especially is a work of art. Form there, their new line of Mondoids took over the booth I like these, but I just don't see myself collecting them They have some great ones- Jason looks fantastic, the Marvel ones are fun, and who doesn;t love them some Alien[...]
Mondo Launches New Figure Line, Say Hello to Mondoids
Mondo have finally formally announced their new line of stylized figures called Mondoids These are reminiscent of Mad Balls, but come on bases for easier display Fallout, Marvel, Friday the 13th, Gremlins, and Jurassic Park characters all make up the first series, which is available right now There will also be a SDCC exclusive of[...]