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Monomyth by David Hazan and Cecillia Lo Valvo is the new series launching from Mad Cave Studios in their May 2023 solicits and solicitations A horror series set in a magical fantasy land, from the co-creator of Nottingham, it is joined by the latest issues of Exorcists Never Die, Don"t Spit in the Kind, Hunt[...]
The Bleed 2.6 : Reading Archer &  Armstrong With Omar Spahi And Siike Donnelly
Unfortunately, Sam could not make this episode but when he's replaced by someone as awesome as Chase Magnett, we can hardly complain. The OSSM Comics crew returns to the podcast and this time Omar Spahi is joined by EIC Siike Donnelly for this week's show! It's a grand ole' time, laced with condescending half-truths and backhanded compliments that only your best[...]
Monomyth – What If Adam And Eve Never Ate The Apple
On October 22nd the third and final issue of Monomyth comes out from OSSM Comics The story is written by Siike Donnelly with art by Eric Ninaltowski and it is basically a rebooting origin story for the bible. Here Michael and Lucifer fight and both fall from heaven It's Michael's plan to lead the angels in[...]
Building a Comic Company – A Look At OSSM Comics
This too is what is needed to form a company. By the end of 2014, I hope you all know the name Omar Spahi, know the company OSSM Comics, and enjoy the titles Xenoglyphs, Thaniel, Separators, and Monomyth These are books I've been the editor on, hired recently by this hardworking young man after another one[...]
An OSSM Comics Holiday Gift – Sneak Previews of Thaniel, Separators, Monomyth
One will fall and a new enemy will rise. (Xenoglyphs TPB will be release before issue 1 of Separators) Monomyth: by Siike Donnelly & Eric Ninaltowski After the battle in heaven, Michael fell, and Lucifer became the protector of mankind Humans lived in Eden for seven generations, never knowing sin Now, Michael and his fallen have returned to[...]