morry hollowell

Weapon H #1 cover by Leinil Yu and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
It made me laugh in bewilderment. Weapon H #1 art by Cory Smith and Morry Hollowell Cory Smith does some damn fine work here, and his art is integral holding this rig together His characters have a slick and detailed distinctness to them, and the Wendigo and Weapon H themselves look imposing and badass Action scenes are[...]
Avengers #684 cover by Mark Brooks
Of course, the big smash-down between Hulk and General Maverick's Red Hulk/Iron Hulk (which has already been cover-spoiled) is saved for next issue. Avengers #684 art by Paco Medina, Joe Bennett, Juan Vlasco, Ruy Jose, Jesus Aburtov, and Morry Hollowell Joe Bennett's artwork leads into the comic well too He makes the Hulk look as mean and[...]
The X-Men Return To Hope: X-Men Prime Review
The other artists Ibraim Roberson, Leonard Kirk and Guillermo Ortego all bring great work too, with colours from Morry Hollowell, Frank D'Armata and Michael Garland that add depth to the proceedings, and also seem a little brighter than usual, perhaps? If so, this helps add to the sense of hope that the book does indeed[...]