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On Frogs, Raccoons, Apes And Ducks – Kermit Speaks

While doing the press tour for Muppets Most Wanted on DVD/Blu-Ray, Kermit the Frog was asked about his thoughts on the latest animal characters in the summer blockbusters like Rocket in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Caesar in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes The iconic green Muppet let everyone in on a[...]

Director James Bobin Discusses Muppets Most Wanted In Depth

I was lucky enough last week to sit down with James Bobin, the co-writer and director of Muppets Most Wanted This guy knows Kermit the Frog so I definitely wanted to be in with him.We talked about his initial ideas for the film, as well as song's jokes and songs We do end by spoiling one[...]

Muppets Most Wanted Director James Bobin Spills Some Muppet Secrets

As he said, he's one of the few people that can talk about it.Here's my chat with Bobin about the film, Muppet technique, and just for a moment, his other upcoming projects.[youtube][/youtube]Muppets Most Wanted opens in UK cinemas tomorrow, Friday 28th It's already on release in the US[...]

Video: When I Met Kermit And Miss Piggy To Discuss Muppets Most Wanted And Movie Trickery

Not everything in Muppets Most Wanted is as it might first appear In fact, according to Kermit and Miss Piggy, they even went so far as to use a puppet in one scene Wow.That and other revelations as I, continuing my incredible stretch of Muppet privilege, get to speak to Kermit and Piggy once again.[youtube][/youtube]The[...]

Constantine Hatches An Evil Plan – New Clip From Muppets Most Wanted

Here he is pitching a plan to his number two, Dominic Badguy.[youtube][/youtube]Ricky Gervais might have the white tux, but it's Kermit the Frog who gets to do the James Bond business in Muppets Most Wanted It didn't escape Fozzie's attention.Muppets Most Wanted will hit US screens on March 21st, UK ones on March 28th.[...]

The Muppets Fall In With Dominic Badguy – A Clip From Muppets Most Wanted

There's a part of me that doesn't want to watch any clips from Muppets Most Wanted until I can sit down and see the whole film again There's another part of me that just clicked play already.And thus, great Muppet capering ensues.Any What great performances the Muppets give there.Muppets Most Wanted is set for release[...]

Ticket Giveaway: See Muppets Most Wanted Early In London

We've got some tickets for a very early screening of Muppets Most Wanted in London on Sunday February 23rd That's over a month before the film's UK release.London's just the place to see it, too, as that's where the film's international caper comes to a head.I've got one family pack of four tickets and two[...]

Vivienne Westwood Has Designed Ms. Piggy's Wedding Dress For Muppets Most Wanted

Piggy is about to make an honest frog out of Kermit in Muppets Most Wanted, and like all Hollywood starlets, she'll be doing it in a one of a kind designer gown.Designer Vivienne Westwood even sat down with the most modest and understated Muppet to talk about the dress she designed, telling Harper's Bazaar: The dress[...]

The Moral Story Of One Miss Piggy And Two Kermits

for a while, at least.Muppets Most Wanted is in UK cinemas on March 28th Lucky America gets it a full week earlier. The latest video in the Film Industry Trust's Moments Worth Paying For campaign is very comfortably the best, and not least because it features bespoke footage rather than old clips pasted over with[...]

Another Great Muppets Most Wanted TV Spot, This One Gunning For Awards Season Fuss And Bad Social Media Behaviour

Cheeky bleeders.[youtube][/youtube]Muppets Most Wanted is in US cinemas on March 21st, UK cinemas on Marc 28th and my heart, right now. More fake tweets and fresh footage from the Muppets Cheeky bleeders.[youtube][/youtube]Muppets Most Wanted is in US cinemas on March 21st, UK cinemas on Marc 28th and my heart, right now.[...]

True Story: A Funny Thing Happened On The Set Of Muppets Most Wanted

In fact, I believe that so much, I've made it both the title and the thesis of my big, exclusive set report from the shoot of Muppets Most Wanted that you'll be able to read in March's issue of Bleeding Cool magazine.The first Muppet I met was the best Muppet of all: Kermit the Frog[...]

All Of The Tweets By The Fake Tweeters From The New Muppets Promo

Earlier today, the best Muppets Most Wanted promo to date was premiered Here it is again It parodies the recent convention of quoting twitter users in movie trailers or on posters This trend arguably reached its nadir when the quotes on a poster for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug were from people who hadn't[...]

Video: On Set With Muppets Most Wanted, Including Some Clips

The behind the scenes material in this promo is very similar to a video I dug up some months ago but the actual footage from Muppets Most Wanted includes some new scenes.[youtube][/youtube]I visited the set of this film too and.. well, I ended up in the hospital[...]

New Muppets Short Film, Food Fight! (Plus A Link To More Muppets With Robbie Williams)

It seems as though a series of online Muppisodes will be rolling out between now and the release of Muppets Most Wanted in the the spring Here's the first, called Food Fight! and featuring Gordon Ramsay.[youtube][/youtube]Well, you know I enjoyed that Still, it was only the slightest appetiser for the full, three-course meal that the[...]