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I have to admit I probably wouldn't have gone out of my way to watch the new Muppet movie -- despite having a lot of fondness for the tv show -- before
New Muppets Poster Features Sam The Eagle As The First Avenger
Now here's a hero that I'd trust to punch Hitler in the face in the name of freedom and democracy. The Muppets have had a blast throwing out parody trailers out before finally unveiling the real one, and it seems that they're on a similar mission with their posters Here we see Sam the Eagle, the[...]
Full Trailer For The Muppets Drops The Spoofs
Really good. There's an undeniable Muppetiness to the first, full trailer for James Bobin's The Muppets It looks right, has the right kind of gags and the right kind of tempo Meanwhile, it promises something a little more polished and, for want of a better term, stylish than some previous Muppet works I honestly think Jim[...]