Kermit, The Mexican Political Candidate 'With Eggs' That Disney Wants To Ban


A couple of years ago Kermit the frog stopped being known as "La Rana Rene" in Latin-America.

However, he is still known in an unofficial way by that name. Just like I still buy a Marathon chocolate bar rather than "Snickers" as it says on the label.

In the central state of San Luis Potosi in Mexico, a political candidate named Rene Diaz seems to have decided that, given the coincidence in names, using Kermit as an image would be a good way to promote himself.

The image above sees two eggs plus Kermit equalling "good things". The eggs? "Huevos", slang for testicles, much as "balls" are in English.

Miss Piggy's response is not yet known. But Disney Mexico are looking into the legality of this…

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