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Atlanta's MV Media Focuses On The Future With Cyberfunk Anthology
Atlanta-based MV Media has made their mark by bringing a Black perspective to many prose genres — fantasy, steampunk, space opera, superheroes, and now their new Cyberfunk! anthology gives the sci-Fi sub-genre an ethnic upgrade. Cyberfunk! Cover Credit: MV Media "I've always been a Cyberpunk fan, mainly from a visual aspect," Davis told Bleeding Cool[...]
Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1 Review — Draws The Reader In
Along the prince's path is the crew of a merchant vessel calling the east coast of Africa home including of a saucy Ifa sorceress called Panya, a silent warrior with a hero complex called Tuareg and their captain Changa Diop, a hugely powerful warrior whose wit is as fast as his fists. The cover of Changa and[...]