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Asadora! Vol. 1: Naoki Urusawa’s Heroine in the Age of Kaiju
Asadora! is Naoki Urusawa's latest series, and a new Urusawa is always an event Urusawa is the closest Japan has to an Alan Moore, a deconstructionist who examines culture through pop tropes Asadora! Is about a girl who grows up in an era of giant monster attacks and becomes a legend in her own right. Asadora![...]
Sneeze: Naoki Urusawa’s Short Stories are Wistful, Goofy Fun
And minor Urusawa is still fun. "Sneeze" by Naoki Urusawa, cover art from Viz Media. Urusawa is a sort of Alan Moore-esque manga creator best known for long-running series like Pineapple Army, Yawara!, and the latter deconstructionist epics Pluto, which reimagined an old Astro Boy story into a Science Fiction saga about war crimes and atonement, Monster,[...]
Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams is Naoki Urusawa's Oddball Heist Comedy
Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams is another unusual manga by Naoki Urusawa It's a satire about dreamers and con men, an art heist caper, a Magical Realist tale about romantic yearning, art lovers, and second chances with some political commentary thrown in It's like a stew cooked from lots of leftover ingredients and spices. "Mujirushi: The[...]
Master Keaton, Urusawa's Early Hit Manga – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh
Adi Tantimedh writes, So Viz Media sent me an advance copy of the first volume of Master Keaton, one of Naoki Urusawa's hit manga series from the 1980s before he became a much bigger deal with series like Monster, 20th Century Boys and Billy Bat later. Master Keaton is an adventure series from a less complicated time[...]