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Greatness: The Hot Toys Netflix Punisher Figure Is Stunning

Hot Toys does great work, this cannot be overstated. When it comes to high-end. ultra-realistic collectibles, they are the gold standard. I have seen and own these, and I can honestly say that their newly revealed Punisher 1/6 scale figure maybe the best they have ever done. Based on his look from the Daredevil Netflix […]

Guardians, Netflix, Spider-Man, Deaths Head! Hasbro Marvel Legends New York Toy Fair

Hasbro has sent out promotional images of all their Marvel Legends figure reveals from Toy Fair this weekend. Kurt Russell Ego, Gamora, Nebula, Mantis, Human Torch, the A-Force Toys R Us exclusive boxset, it is all here for your viewing pleasure below: Guardians of the Galaxy Netflix Spider-Man: Homecoming X-Men Dark Phoenix Exclusive Jane Foster […]

Netflix Daredevil Gets More Funko Pops, With Punisher Debuting

After a flurry of announcements yesterday, you would think Funko would give us time to breathe, but nope! Today they are showing off the glam shots for their next wave of Pops based on the Netflix Daredevil show, and this wave will include Punisher. The regular version is cool, but the chase variant with him […]

Did Marvel Pretend To Announce The Same Punisher Series They Announced In April?

So, back in April, it was definitely, definitely, officially confirmed that The Punisher was becoming a Netflix series. I don't think we can debate that. So, it seems that Jeff Leob has just announced the show… again? During the Panel for Luke Cage, it was announced that the series was indeed going forward, which is a […]