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Four Titles Join Alterna's Newsprint Comics Line For $1.50 Or Less In June
Hitting stores in June from Alterna will be four additional titles in the company's newsprint comics line, which is so forward-thinking and innovative it brings comic book prices back to where they were 25 years ago! Joining the existing titles Adam Wreck, Lilith Dark, Amazing Age, and Croak will be Mother Russia, Scrimshaw, The Chair, and[...]
Alterna Launches Kickstarter For Newsprint Comics So Short, You Almost Missed It!
If you've been following Bleeding Cool recently, you know that publisher Alterna has already inked a global newsstand distribution deal for their upcoming line of newsprint comics aiming to put comic books back in places where people who don't already buy comics might see them, and make them affordable enough that potential new readers won't die laughing[...]
Alterna Inks Global Newsstand Deal For Newsprint Comics
If you've been following Bleeding Cool, you know that we've been following publisher Alterna's quest to make comics affordable and accessible again by #BringingBackNewsprint comics priced under two dollars We've seen the first four titles in this line, all priced at $1.50, which were solicited this month and will ship in May Part of Alterna's plan has[...]