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Luke Cage #5 Review: A Powerful Finale For The First Arc
Meanwhile, Lenore and Noah Burstein are trying to take Warhawk to a place where they can save his life Unfortunately, it's not where Burstein or Warhawk expect. Cyril Morgan still moves against Cage and Burstein from his estate. This was the kind of explosive finale that I was hoping for There is a lot of action, drama,[...]
Luke Cage
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] With Doctor Noah Burstein, the man who gave young Carl Lucas his powers and transformed him into Luke Cage, the Power Man, revealed to be a live, questions Luke Cage has had about the doctor are beginning to bubble to the surface Luke isn't sure he likes the answers. The Ninth Ward gang prepare for[...]
Luke Cage #2 Review: Slow, A Little Confusing, But Stays Enjoyable
They lead Luke and Warhawk to Cornello's estate. This book is still a little perplexing to me in how it treats Cage's relationship with Noah Burstein I had gotten the impression from past Luke Cage stories that it was always mercurial and somewhat hostile As a result, the reframing of Burstein as something of a father[...]