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[Olympics] US Olympic Committee Requests US Gymnastics Board To Resign
In 13 days the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics are set to begin in South Korea, but all IOC eyes are currently on the USA gymnastics board.  The USOC (United States Olympic Committee) have sent a letter to the US Gymnastics Board requesting the resignation of all members.  This comes directly after the results of the[...]
Swipe File: Journey Into Mystery And The Olympic Opening Ceremony
From Glastonbury Tor, to the uprooting of the countryside by the cities of the Industrial Revolution, the beginning of the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London was not that familiar to many Americans watching… except those who had been reading recent issues of Journey Into Mystery, with the arrival in Otherworld of the Manchester Gods. While watching,[...]
The First Gay Kiss On Saudi Arabian TV
In last night's Olympic Opening Ceremony, during the Frankie And June Say Thanks Tim section celebrating a century of music and technology, when Frankie and June finally meet up and kiss, we got a barrage of clips of kisses from film and TV, from Charlie Chaplin to Lady And The Tramp to Shrek to Planet[...]