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Orson Scott Card
The geek community surrounding Salt Lake Comic Con has not been a pretty place for the last several days, in the wake of the announcement, via Facebook poll, that the convention was thinking of inviting author Orson Scott Card as a guest Card has spoken out against the LBBTQ+ community since the mid 1990s, and[...]
DC Comics Cancels Adventures Of Superman With #17
It was the digital first comic that opened with controversy, the hiring of Orson Scott Card to write a Superman story for the anthology series The considerable commotion saw artist Chris Sprouse withdraw and, officially, DC were looking for a replacement artist But actually they weren't, it was a lie to save face Incredibly embarrassed[...]
Peter David And X-Factor Travel To 2009
By Jared Cornelius So a few years ago X-Factor scribe Peter David got into a heated internet debate over whether or not a creator should be separated from their work.  David had written the story for a high profile Xbox Live release, Shadow Complex from Epic Games.  Writing a story for a game is usually something[...]
9 Things About The Ender's Game Trailer
For a lot of other people it's the tip of Orson Scott Card's iceberg of bigotry. Whilst I wouldn't question for a second that Card's tediously overly articulated, passive aggressive beliefs are disgusting, I don't really see them in the story (yes, Buggers, I know, but I'd argue that's seeing Card's attitudes where, for once, they aren't)[...]
Ender's Game and the Child Soldier Blues – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh
I had this opinion long before Orson Scott Card's anti-gay views became public. The studio that produced the movie has been in major damage-control mode, distancing itself and the movie from the author of the book, and also coming out to publicly support LGBT issues and causes and marriage equality.  They also stated that the story[...]
A Comic Show – A Lack Of Orson Scott Card In Your Superman
Two Californian comic book stores are pledging 20% of their store profits from May 29th to June 4th to Freedom to Marry, The Comic Bug on Manhattan Beach and Illusive Comics & Games in Santa Clara, as a result of the change by DC, removing Orson Scott Card's story from Adventures Of Superman #1, out[...]
BC Mag #4: Life In The Gutters
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston There has been all sorts of fuss over the announcement, then retraction that Orson Scott Card was to write a Superman story for DC Comics After the initial protests, and subsequent withdrawal by artist Chris Sprouse from the project, I was told by a senior DC source that they[...]
Should You Be Blacklisted, Mr. Card?
Orson Scott Card" along the way As part of a series of Comic Book Round Table discussions held at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art and orchestrated by former Marvel editor and author Danny Fingeroth and sci-fi writer, editor, and gallery owner John Ordover, it was preceded in the schedule by a rather heated panel[...]
Orson Scott Card, ComiXology And Marvel
One of the side effects of the Marvel #1 Free ComiXology now-paused-offer was that a number of people noted, possibly for the first time, the Ender's Game comics adapted from thework of Orson Scott Card published by Marvel in the "Noteworthy" section. Marvel have published (and continue to publish) adaptations of Ender's Game: Battle School, Ender's[...]
Don't Expect That Orson Scott Card Superman Story Any Time Soon
Yesterday Chris Sprouse announced that he was no longer willing to draw the Superman story by Orson Scott Card appearing in the upcoming Superman Adventures DC stated that they were pulling the strip until they could find a replacement artist. I understand that this may never happen That, basically, there is no "hurry" to find a[...]
The Orson Scott Card Story Is Not Going Away – Firing Petition Tops 6,000
From The Guardian to Boing Boing to Huffington Post, the debate syrrounding the appointment of Orson Scott Card to write a chapter of Superman Adventures continues Here's a few prominent examples of the commentary being generated. Ben Bates, The Gutters Martha Thomase, ComicMix If one doesn't like a creator's politics, one is free to institute a personal boycott[...]
Campaign To Get Orson Scott Card Fired From Superman Begins
What if Jack Chick wrote Superman? Courtesy of Kat Rocha. So, yesterday I wrote an article in response to requests I'd had to promote an organised campaign to boycott DC, Superman and to get Orson Scott Card fired off the Superman Adventures book for being an anti-gay marriage activist and holding virulent homphobic views. Instead I wrote[...]
Orson Scott Card, Superman And Here We Go Again
Encouraging me to go nuclear on DC Comics' for hiring Orson Scott Card to write a story for the new Adventures of Superman digital comic, as reported by IGN. The first two chapters are by Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston, Chris Sprouse and Karl Story, the third by Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee; teling of Superman's[...]
BC ComicChron
When 15, he won a competition that saw him sent to many countries to write reports for a newspaper back home HomoPhobeWatch: Joe Szilagyi has been tweeting; I wonder if #Marvel comics has any idea that Orson Scott Card is an extreme bigot? "Our scientific efforts in regard to homosexuality should be to identify genetic and[...]