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But before I give everything away, watch the video to see what's going down in the world of Uncle Yo! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-pPHUBt2CYVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Baltimore Lauren at Otakon 2017 with Uncle Yo! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-pPHUBt2CY) Uncle Yo has been attending conventions for a long time[...]
geeks next door
Back at Katsucon 2017, I got to talk with Jessi — who created the Get The Scoop! event at Katsucon — and creator of the long-running comic Geeks Next Door! We had a lot to catch up on when we met up again at Otakon, so check out the video below to see what's going[...]
Otakon — a celebration of all things Japanese — draws a lot of cosplayers, as well as fans of Japanese street fashion Lolita, one of the most popular styles to come out of Japan, draws on Gothic, Victorian, and overtly cute designs for their clothing The dresses are frilly, the bows are big, and as[...]
Otakon is one of the best cons on the East Coast The energy is great, the attendees are all there to have a good time, and the cosplay is both excellent and diverse! Are you a Sailor Moon fan? There's always a lot of Sailor Moon Into American heroes? They have those too Whatever you're[...]
After 15+ years of occupying the Baltimore Convention Center, Otakon had its first year at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, roughly an hour away from Baltimore I haven't missed an Otakon since 1999, and I wasn't about to miss this one Yes, the convention center is larger than Baltimore, but the very sterile and[...]
Otakon: A Look Back At One Of America's Biggest Anime Cons
Otakon has been a part of my life since 1999 I watched the con grow, and grow, and eventually outgrow the Baltimore Convention Center and spill over into other local hotels But the con wouldn't stop growing; as of this year, it's moving to the Walter E Convention Center right in the middle of Washington,[...]
An Otakon 2014 Flirtatious Cosplay Music Video From Comics And Cosplay
He headed down to Otakon over the weekend, and he kicks off the coverage with a new series of "flirtatious" cosplay videos. He says: "This is the first episode in our new cosplay video series called Flirtatious Cosplay These new cosplay videos will feature Cosplayers who really come alive on camera at various cons around the country[...]
Otakon 2013 Montage By Beat Down Boogie
Otakon 2013 took place last weekend and the fine folks over at Beat Down Boogie put together not one, but two video montages and posted a huge gallery of still photos of all the cosplay folks who attended The big news from the event was that the convention will be moving from Baltimore to Washington D.C[...]