P M Buchan

P M Buchan Explores The Contemporary Femme Fatale

At the True Believers Comic Festival this Saturday in Cheltenham, UK, comic creator P M Buchan will be unveiling the third of his four-part gothic-horror with artist Karen Yumi Lusted The book, La Belle Dame Sans Merci tells a love story of two lost souls damned to hell and is based on the John Keats[...]

An Army Of Ghosts Takes Over London – Interviewing The Ghosts Collective

Co-creator of The Waste anthology and Owen’s art monkey on our upcoming book Matinee. James Lawrence – Comic artist from the Isle of Man, now exiled to Manchester.  Creator of Dangerine, co-creator of The Waste Anthology. P M Buchan – Originally from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, a writer in love with the macabre and misanthropic Co-creator of obscene horror comedy[...]

Selling Comics at Thought Bubble 2013 – Sunday

UK comic creator and journalist P M Buchan gives Bleeding Cool the lowdown on what it was like exhibiting at Thought Bubble in Leeds, covering the breadth of exhibitors, the highs of the parties and the lows of the morning afters This is the second and final report:[Comic created purely from tears & self-loathing award[...]