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Get Ready For A Road Trip! Advance Review Of Clarence: Rest Stops #1
The list includes: Patrick Crotty, Scott Maynard, Mad Rupert, Derek Fridolfs, Kevin Panetta, Nick Cron-Devico, Tait Howard, Andreas Schuster, and Meg Omac. While I'm not a huge fan of the style that Clarence is illustrated in, I do enjoy the stories I think that any time a bunch of creative people get together to make something with a[...]
Clarence: Rest Stops Brings Us A Collection Of Shorts This December
Writers and artists Scott Maynard, Derek Fridolfs, Kelly Turnbull, JJ Harrison, Patrick Crotty and Kevin Panetta join forces to bring us 48 pages of full color and unstoppable optimism Clarence captures our hearts with his kindness, and he will continue to do so with this standalone comic. Based on the hit Cartoon Network animated series, this[...]
Six Indie Publishers Join Forces For A Free Comic Book Day Exclusive
Artists include David B., Niv Bavarsky, Box Brown, Patrick Crotty, Max de Rodriguès, Hanna K., Alex Kim, Laura Knetzger, Kate Leth, Jason Little, Matt Madden, Jane Mai, Melissa Mendes, Oliver Schrauwen, Ben Sears, Jack Teagle, Derek Van Gison, and François Vigneault. Retrofit Comics co-publisher Jared Smith said, Free Comic Book Day is a huge part of comics[...]