Six Indie Publishers Join Forces For A Free Comic Book Day Exclusive

Our favorite day of the year is coming, and this year, six acclaimed independent comic book publishers are joining forces to bring us something extra special. This year, Free Comic Book Day will include a joint comic from publishers, Retrofit Comics, Peow! Studio, Oily Comics, Uncivilized Books, Study Group Comics, and Big Planet Comics. The comic book is titled Free 2015 and is published by Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics.

Free 2015 will feature a color cover by Chuck Forsman and 40 pages of comics from the different publishers. Artists include David B., Niv Bavarsky, Box Brown, Patrick Crotty, Max de Rodriguès, Hanna K., Alex Kim, Laura Knetzger, Kate Leth, Jason Little, Matt Madden, Jane Mai, Melissa Mendes, Oliver Schrauwen, Ben Sears, Jack Teagle, Derek Van Gison, and François Vigneault.

Retrofit Comics co-publisher Jared Smith said,

Free Comic Book Day is a huge part of comics and keeps growing each year. Tugboat Press, Sparkplug Books, and Oily Comics have all done some great releases for Free Comic Book Day in the past. So this year we reached out to some of our favorite publishers to do a free comic book together, and we got Chuck Forsman to design a cover for us. Hopefully we can release something even bigger next year.

I can only imagine how great the collaboration will be with so many talented individuals working on it. I don't know about you, but whenever I see Kath Leth's name I immediately get excited. I've loved her work on Edward Scissorhands. She's also incredibly entertaining to follow on social media. Anyway, for those of you who don't know Free Comic Book Day is on May 2. Participating comic books stores give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their store. Copies of Free 2015 are available to retail stores for 20 cents each. Orders can be placed by email to Can't wait until then? Take a look at the quirky cover below.


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