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A Cartoonist At The Guido Fawkes Tenth Anniversary Party #GF10

The other night I went to a tenth anniversary awards do/party for the Guido Fawkes blog. I'm their Monday Morning cartoonist. Which means most Sunday nights I can be found poring over the political reports of the day looking for something I can be scabrous about, before sending in ideas to the big boys. And […]

Steven Moffat And Chris Chibnall Make The MediaGuardian 100

She also appeared in Doctor Who in Matt Smith's debut, The Eleventh Hour as Mother with rather pointy teeth...The BBC Commissioner of drama who keeps it all going, Ben Stephenson, is only at no 76...And a nod to the publisher of my Monday cartoon, Paul Staines, gets in at 92.  Every year, Media Guardian publishes[...]

V For Vendetta Vs Government Debt

It's very much been a symbol of the libertarian and anarchic left.But the Guy Fawkes imagery has also been used heavily by Paul Staines, who blogs as Guido Fawkes (and for who I provide weekly cartoons) and who writes very much from a libertarian right perspective So it's not a surprise that one or two[...]