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The Untamed Animated TV Series Is Coming, With Voiceover By Sean Bean
Jones and Peter Bergting, Stranger Comics has posted a pitch animatic done by Film Roman (The Simpsons, Hellboy Animated) for The Untamed Animated TV series The piece is not final animation, but a rough sketch which gives an idea of the cinematic mood that the series will have and it features voiceover by actor Sean[...]
Things to Do In SoCal In February If You Like Comics
Jones and Peter Bergting Guests will include Lloyd Levin, Amandla Stenberg, Sebastian A Jones, and illustrator Peter Bergting, all the way from Sweden Event starts at 7 PM. February 21st If you missed Joe Benitez on the 13th, you have another chance to meet him at the Golden Apple in Los Angeles, from 1 to 3 PM[...]
A Very Untamed Review
Jones, take note (I expect to get royalties as well)! Swedish artist Peter Bergting excels at letting the art tell the story, as a majority of the action scenes are without sounds effects You see one to several people being slaughtered at the Stranger's hand, and yet Bergting's art tells you everything you need to know[...]