Peyton Manning

Accusations Fly That Mike Pence's NFL Game Walk-Out Was Staged

The report was that Pence was there to help celebrate Peyton Manning having his number retired and getting added to the Colts ring of honor Pence posted an image of himself and his wife in Colts gear on Twitter prior to the game starting.Now multiple reports are saying that the whole incident may have been[...]

Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence Leaves NFL Game Because Of Kneeling Players

Pence was on hand to honor former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning who was having a statue unveiled in Indianapolis and was getting his number retired at halftime He will be inducted into the team's ring of honor Things went off track when the 49ers had over 20 players kneeling during the national anthem The Colts[...]

Custom Cleats

NFL Loosens Rules On Custom Cleats, Trying To Bring Fun Back To Football

Back when Peyton Manning was with the Indianapolis Colts, he wanted to wear black cleats to honor the passing of Colts legendary quarterback Johnny Unitas, but the team had declared white cleats for the game and the request was denied by the league and told he'd be fined $25k if he did Another player, Chris[...]

The Super Bowl Team That Embraces The Geek Culture

They are lead by Peyton Manning who you may know from Papa John's and Nationwide ads He is called The Sheriff and is your Hollywood casting for a quarterback He's also 39 years old and was heard to say two weeks ago that this may be his last rodeo The team also has the top[...]