Check Out Scum and Villainy's 'Game of Thrones' Event!

Check Out Scum and Villainy's 'Game of Thrones' Event!

Souther California Star Wars-themed bar Scum and Villainy Cantina has had a facelift of the Westeros kind. To celebrate the return of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones, the Cantina launched their new look (running til the end of April) last night, and our friend Tyler Murray was nice enough to get us some photos. We love […]

Check Out 50 Pics from the Factory Entertainment Booth at SDCC 2018

Photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool's collectibles master Jeremy Konrad: Factory Entertainment put up quite a showing at SDCC this year, unloading a boatload of collectibles from the likes of Stephen King's It, Jurassic Park, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Ghostbusters, and Wonder Woman. Take a look at the images below.

sdcc masquerade

Better Late Than Never: 110 Photos Of The SDCC Masquerade

One of the highlights of each San Diego Comic-Con is the annual Masquerade, the showcase of costumes and costumed performances that anchor Saturday night's programming. 2017 was no slouch for entries; the amazing realistic Ursula went viral the day after the contest when the wearer Joo Skellington posted this video to his facebook page: Needless to […]

It clown

'It': Latest Images Of Pennywise And The Losers Club

The time is getting closer to the September 8th opening of It, the reboot film based on Stephen King's novel from relative newcomer director Andrés Muschietti (his only real prior feature credit was from the 2013 horror film, 2013). How the adaptation works out remains to be seen but the marketing machine continues to roll along […]

Cosplay, Scenes, and Observations From The Floor At Wizard World Sacramento

Wizard World's annual tour has again returned to Sacramento, where thousands of fans will be descending on the Sacramento Convention Center through Sunday evening. We headed out there today to take in some of the sights, a few panels, and to generally see how it all felt as the event is now entering it's fourth […]

43 Cosplay Shots And 6 Videos From East Coast ComiCon 2016

by Ray Flook As a clear sign that the 2016 convention season is upon us, Crucial Entertainment held its annual East Coast ComiCon on April 16th & 17th at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. Celebrating its fourth year, East Coast CC continued to improve and expand with an impressive line-up of artists/writers […]

Live Action Jungle Book Takes Over Twitter With Cast Photos

It's been quite some time since I've seen a gallery of photos quite as beautiful as these. The cast of the live action version of The Jungle Book came together with their respective characters, and the result is flawless. Take a look at some of the photos below: I'm always quite skeptical of live action versions of […]

NYCC '15 – Getting Cosplay Photos At SkinTight USA

By Joe Glass Last night saw the gay men who like the tight spandex world of superheroes partying at SkinTight USA – a regular gay night for superhero fans and fans of spandex and lycra in all its forms – with its special NYCC post-con party night. I headed over with fellow Bleeding Cool reporter […]

Neil Gaiman Cosplaying As Badger From The Wind In The Willows

Just one of a series of author photographs by Cambridge Jones, with the subject dressed up as a favourite childhood literary character, including Terry Pratchett as Just William and Terry Jones as Rupert The Bear. And yes, Neil Gaiman (above) as the gruff old brock…  

Thor 2 Battle Sequence Snaps – Sif, Smoke, Mystery Monsters And All

Here we go again. Much as we tried to guess who Loki's army were in The Avengers, here in these Thor 2 images we have some more mysterious… things to speculate about. There's even a close-up of one such 'thing' in this set of snaps, though from the rather approximate mask, I assume he's a […]

C2E2: Cosplay, Statues And Shields

Octavia De La Rosa is taking pictures at C2E2 for Bleeding Cool; Is it me… or is Rorschach smiling? Like in the Saturday Watchmen cartoon! "I'm nutty!" Keep on strutting, Strutting Rorschach!

Get A Good Look At Rick Baker's Retro Aliens From Men In Black 3

Amongst a gallery of behind the scenes shots for the upcoming Men in Black threequel are some images of Rick Baker's alien creations. There's a few of the villain, Boris, as played by Jemaine Clement, but much more interesting are the supporting players. Seeing as a good chunk of the film takes place in the […]

Two Photo Books Of Comic Creators On Two Different Continents

    In the American corner, Leaping Tall Buildings by Seth Kushner and Christopher Irving, a series of photographs and short essays profiling some of the greatest classic and modern comic book talents from Jeffrey Brown to Stan Lee to Grant Morrison to Chris Claremont. It launches in early May. And in the British corner, Portraits […]