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The original choices were "Aliens," "X-Mas Horror," "Bloody Mary," "Sirens," "Piggy Man," and "Plague." Then we learned earlier this week that the choices were now down to "Aliens," "Bloody Mary," "Sirens," and "Plague" for the second round On Friday, we learned what the "Terrible Two" were going to be: "Bloody Mary" and "Plague" (though "Bloody[...]
american horror story
The choices they had were "Aliens," "X-Mas Horror," "Bloody Mary," "Sirens," "Piggy Man," and "Plague." On Wednesday, we learned which choices made it out of the first round- with 'Aliens," "Bloody Mary," "Sirens," and "Plague" moving on to see who makes it to the final two- before an ultimate champ is crowned (or would that[...]
Upstart Crow Returns To The BBC With A Plague Christmas Special
The theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue still mocks passers by with its promises. Upstart Crow Returns To The BBC With A Plague Christmas Special But know its two main stars, David Mitchell as Shakespeare and Gemma Whelan as his landlord's niece Kate, will be returning to the roles on the small screen in a new Upstart Crow Christmas[...]
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So when Mark Heap appeared on stage beneath the hooded beaked mask of the plague doctor, it reminded us of the time of the Great Plague, when the theatres in London were closed to stop the plague spreading It seemed quite funny at the time But when the play gets restaged, will that element remain?[...]
5 Movies That Prove That Vampires Were Always the Plague
But the most resilient image for the vampire has been that of plague, of sickness that invades the household and the city That's why in this moment of pandemic-driven barred doors and empty streets, we wanted to present to you five vampire films that took just "shelter in place" orders and gave them teeth. Nosferatu the[...]
Punk Rock Zombies! David Hine Talks About Halloween's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: AFTERMATH
Romero's original zombie classic.   How did you first become involved with the Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath project from Avatar Press? About a year ago, someone not a million miles from Bleeding Cool dropped my name to Avatar publisher William Christensen as a possible writer on the new Crossed: Badlands bi-monthly.  When William contacted me, he[...]